In the world of JRPGs, very few franchises have as much acclaim and influence as the legendary, Dragon Quest series. With new rumors and potential leaks, the long-time fans are once again on the edge as a new Dragon Quest announcement could be right at the corner.

The Dragon Quest Franchise is so popular in Japan that there is a rumor, that states that the Japanese government had to restrict Square Enix from releasing new games on weekdays. And with the new wave of rumors and leaks, fans believe the Dragon Quest craze is about to return soon.

Rumors indicate a potential new Dragon Quest announcement coming soon

Square Enix appears to be teasing another Dragon Quest announcement. Square Enix producer and director Yosuke Saito has hinted at an announcement of “some sort” that may be imminent. 

dragon quest rumors

While most of the front cover of the teaser image is blurred out, some fans have speculated that they can see Yuji Horii’s name (the series creator) and part of a date referencing December, which has led to further speculation about what the announcement could be. 

Many believe that these could be a tease towards a potential English localization of Dragon Quest X online. But there are also speculations that claim that there are even chances that it could be a brand-new installment in the mainline series.

dragon quest rumors

It is unclear what the announcement will be for, but there is plenty of fan speculation and requests online. It is important to note that Square Enix is still busy with Dragon Quest XII and the Dragon Quest III remake. 

However, there is no official information about the upcoming announcement at this time, and fans will have to wait for more information from Square Enix.

Why DQX: Rise of the Five Tribes hasn’t been localized yet?

Dragon Quest X is an MMORPG that was released in Japan in 2012 and has not been officially localized for other regions. However, Square Enix has released an offline version of the game called Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline, which was released in Japan in 2022.

dragon quest rumors

There have been rumors and speculation about the possibility of a localization of the offline version of the game, but there has been no official announcement from Square Enix about this. Some fans have taken matters into their own hands and created unofficial English translations of the game, but these are not endorsed by Square Enix and may not be legal.

It is unclear why Square Enix has not localized the game, but some fans speculate that it may be due to the game’s design as a marketing tactic to get more people to play the MMORPG version of the game. However, this is just speculation, and the true reason for the lack of localization is unknown.

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