You’ve been eagerly waiting to listen to Taylor Swift’s iconic ‘1989’ album on Spotify, but there’s a twist. Spotify users are facing a frustrating issue where it keeps crashing after Taylor Swift’s 1989 album release. As if that wasn’t enough, incorrect lyrics are cropping up too, leaving fans somewhat baffled.

Spotify crashing after Taylor Swift’s 1989 album release

As you might know, Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ album is a pop masterpiece, filled with chart-toppers like ‘Shake It Off’, ‘Blank Space’, and ‘Bad Blood’. When it finally landed on Spotify, it thrilled fans, making it even more accessible to listeners worldwide.

However, the excitement quickly turned into frustration for many. Users began reporting that whenever they attempted to play a song from ‘1989’, Spotify would crash. It’s as if the music suddenly stops at a concert, but instead of your favorite artist, a malfunctioning app leaves you bewildered.

Spotify crashing after Taylor Swift's 1989 album release

The issue varies in its manifestations. Some users report that when they tap on a song to play it, nothing happens. It’s like the ‘play’ button has been struck, refusing to work. In other cases, songs start playing but then abruptly stop, displaying the dreaded ‘Something went wrong’ error message. It’s like a DJ who keeps skipping tracks at a live gig.

Incorrect lyrics for some songs as well

But wait, there’s more to this musical tragedy. In addition to the crashing issue, some users are encountering problems with the lyrics. While singing along to your favorite Taylor Swift song can be an absolute delight, the lyrics being displayed aren’t always on point. Reports suggest that for certain songs, instead of Taylor Swift’s lyrics, users are being treated to lyrics from Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Bad Blood’.

Spotify wrong lyrics for Taylor Swifts 1899 album

Adding to the lyrical confusion, in some cases, the lyrics are missing altogether. So, while you might know every word to ‘Style’ or ‘Wildest Dreams’, you’ll be left mumbling incoherent sounds as the lyrics refuse to show up. It’s like attending a karaoke night without the lyrics scrolling across the screen.

No acknowledgment

As of now, there’s no official acknowledgment from Spotify regarding these issues, and users are left without a clear workaround. While it’s undoubtedly frustrating, I hope that Spotify will soon provide a fix for these problems.

Note: We have a dedicated Spotify bugs, issues, and new features tracker, so be sure to check it out.

Featured image source: Spotify.

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