Discord users are reporting a peculiar issue that has been causing them frustration and inconvenience. When users attempt to utilize the ‘inspect element’ function within their web browser on the Discord website or web client, it logs them out of their accounts. This unusual behavior has led to confusion and concern among the Discord community

Discord logs out when using ‘inspect element’ function on browser

The ‘inspect element’ function, a powerful tool in the arsenal of web developers and inquisitive users alike. It provides the means to delve deep into the intricate structure of a web page. By merely right-clicking on any element within a webpage and selecting the ‘Inspect’ option, a world of web design intricacies unfolds before the user. Popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox widely support it, making it accessible to users across the internet.

However, when Discord users attempted to use this feature on the Discord website or web client, they encountered an unexpected and frustrating consequence. Upon initiating the ‘inspect element’ feature within Discord’s interface, their Discord client responded with an abrupt and unwarranted restart. This puzzling behavior left users bewildered, as they suddenly found themselves forcibly logged out of their Discord accounts. The very action intended to uncover the inner workings of the Discord web client turned into a disruptive experience.

Discord logs out when using inspect element

This inconvenience has led to a significant uproar within the Discord community. The exact nature of this issue led to widespread confusion, prompting users to question whether it was an unintentional bug or an intentional feature of Discord.

Official response

In response to the growing concerns and inquiries from users, Discord has issued an official response. Discord outlines its stance on the ‘inspect element’ function and its interaction with the Discord web client below:

Discord support

Discord makes it clear that the ‘inspect element’ function is not a feature intended for regular use by end-users. Discord’s development team primarily uses it for debugging and development purposes. Consequently, the desktop client limits its functionality, and users should not depend on it for any specific capabilities.

Discord’s reasoning behind the automatic logout when using the ‘inspect element’ function is twofold. Firstly, the expansion of the Document Object Model (DOM) node during inspection can overload and crash the client, leading to a forced restart. Secondly, and more importantly, Discord implements it as a security measure to prevent social engineering attacks. When the inspector is opened, Discord temporarily removes the user’s token from storage to protect it from being exposed. However, if the client crashes during this process, it results in the loss of the token, leading to an automatic logout upon client restart.

In conclusion, Discord users who have experienced unexpected logouts and client restarts when using the ‘inspect element’ function should understand that this is not a supported feature within the Discord web client. It’s primarily used for development purposes and is not meant for end-users to perform extensive modifications.

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