Instagram 'Threads for you' section annoying, users want an option to hide it

The ‘Threads for you’ section on Instagram seems to be a major marketing ploy for the Threads app. It was possibly introduced with the intention of fostering more connections among users. And of course, to get more and more people to sign into the new Threads app! The algorithm also aims to recommend such posts to align with individual interests.

While the idea is noble, the execution has left many users disgruntled. Reports indicate that instead of feeling more connected, users find this section intrusive in nature.

Users find the Instagram ‘Threads for you’ section annoying

The main issue is that Instagram users don’t have any control over these suggested Threads post. And this disrupts the seamless scrolling experience that users might have come to expect from the platform. Another problem is the seeming randomness of the suggested threads. Users often express frustration at being presented with content that doesn’t align with their interests.

As frustration mounts, users have taken to various social media platforms to voice their discontent. Reddit and X discussions are filled with users sharing their displeasure and urging Instagram to do something about it. For reference, you can check out the reports below. (Click/tap to enlarge)

Moreover, Instagram users are accustomed to having control over their feed and the content they consume. The lack of an option to hide the ‘Threads for You’ section is seemingly a restriction on this autonomy.

Users want an option to hide it

Users have not only voiced their displeasure but are also making recommendations for enhancements. The most common demand is for Instagram to introduce a simple toggle switch that allows them to hide the ‘Threads for You’ section. This option, according to users, would strike a balance between those who appreciate the feature and those who find it irksome.


As of now, Instagram has not provided a response to the growing discontent surrounding the ‘Threads for You’ section. And in the face of it, the company must now decide how to navigate this situation. Hopefully, a timely response to this issue would appease frustrated users.

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