Google looking into issue with YouTube Music on Nest speakers repeating or playing the same songs

Google Nest smart speakers can be the perfect companion to lighten up your mood when engaged in basic home chores or even when simply chilling in the house. Thanks to Google Assistant support, you can effortlessly play your favorite songs from YouTube Music, Spotify and other streaming services on Nest speakers using voice commands. But over the recent past, things haven’t been quite as perfect for YouTube Music subscribers using Google Nest smart speakers.

Being Google’s product, you’d expect YouTube Music to deeply integrate with the company’s voice assistant and Nest speakers compared to other 3rd-party music streaming services. Sure, you only need to ask your Nest speaker to play any music you want on YouTube Music, be it soothing, bedtime, resuming playback or even playing a specific song. Using the Google Assistant, you can also shuffle, skip, like or dislike songs, and even repeat a given song. But lately, there is an annoying bug on Google Nest speakers where YouTube Music keeps repeating the same songs.


YouTube Music has a massive catalogue of music thanks to YouTube. But it’s also possible to add your own music library to the app. For those with thousands of songs, having to deal with repeatedly listening to the same songs on Nest speakers can be a frustrating experience.

The screengrab above is part of a lengthy thread I came across in the official Google Nest community forum with over 200 comments. This goes on to show the extent of this issue. There are also more reports of the same issue coming from the Google Home subreddit. But one thing in common is these reports started showing up only a couple of months ago. This, if anything, suggests the issue hasn’t been here that long.


Google looking into it

What happens is when you ask your Google Nest speaker to play a song from YouTube Music, it does obey the command. However, instead of playing more songs related to the artist or music genre, the Nest speaker keeps playing the same 2, 3 or 5 songs over and over again. Again, for anyone with thousands of songs to listen to, this is very frustrating.

Luckily, Google support has been following the issue closely. In a comment made a couple of weeks ago, a community specialist says the team is already looking into the issue with YouTube Music repeating or playing the same songs on Google Nest speakers.


There has been no follow-up since the comment was made in the community forum. But some have found success by starting YouTube Music playback from their Android phone or tablet and then casting it to their Nest speaker. Google support has also recommended resetting affected speakers. And while this works, the issue comes back after a few days, so you may have to keep doing this until the official fix arrives.

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