The excitement of a new iOS update can quickly turn into frustration when your iPhone starts lagging, freezing, or experiencing frame rate drops. Many users have reported performance issues after updating to iOS 17. And even the recent iOS 17.0.3 hasn’t entirely resolved these concerns.

Although Apple released three incremental updates with bug fixes after iOS 17, some problems still persist for users. For instance, the overheating issue on iPhones, which Apple said it fixed in iOS 17.0.3, is still a problem for some users. Also, I’ve come across some threads on Reddit where people are still talking about apps taking up too much storage, an issue that’s been around since the beginning. Other problems, like vibrations not working in silent mode and alarms snooze not functioning in StandBy mode, still haven’t been fixed. So, despite the updates, it seems some users are still facing the same old issues.

iPhone lagging, freezing or frame rate dropping issue after iOS 17 update

Adding to this, lagging, freezing and frame rate dropping issues have resurfaced, which are ruining the user experience. I’ve come across number of threads on Reddit and Apple’s community forum where users are complaining that their iPhone is freezing or lagging when performing certain tasks. Other than this, the frame rate keeps dropping when playing some games.

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As per reports, the iPhone freezes or lags when opening apps, scrolling through the notification panel, and even during gaming sessions. Moreover, some found out that the typing in keyboard isn’t as smooth as it was before the update. And this problem isn’t exclusive to those who recently updated to iOS 17, but it is also affecting iPhone 15 models which come pre-installed with this software. This indicate that it is a software bug.

Experiencing frequent lags and freezes on your iPhone can be more than just an inconvenience. It’s particularly disheartening when a software update, expected to bring enhancements, introduces disruptive glitches. The impact is not only on usability but also on the overall user experience, especially for those who rely on smooth device performance.

There’s some hope in iOS 17.1 beta

Amid these user complaints regarding the bug, there’s a glimmer of hope for users in the iOS 17.1 beta 3. Reports suggest that this beta version addresses the lag and frame rate drop issues, providing relief for some affected users. While it’s not guaranteed that iOS 17.1 will conclusively fix the problem upon its stable release, users can at least anticipate some improvements.


Some users have reported that basic troubleshooting steps, such as restarting the device, provide temporary relief. However, for many, the issue resurfaces after a while. This inconsistency in solutions highlights the complexity of the problem and the need for a comprehensive fix.

While I haven’t encountered significant frame rate issues on my iPhone after upgrading to iOS 17, a noticeable lag when opening certain apps has been observed occasionally. And given that iOS 17 is in its early stages with ongoing incremental updates, I hope that Apple will fix the issue soon. The reported resolution of the problem in the iOS 17.1 beta adds to the hope that future updates might enhance the overall user experience.

That said, we will update this article if and when we come across any updates regarding the issue.

Note: In the meantime, you can check out our dedicated Apple section for more such content.

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