Update 1 (Nov. 23, 2023)

12:00 pm (IST): It seems that reports on the matter intensified so much that a Google spokesperson had to come out with an official word. Basically, the spokesperson tries to calm users by telling them that screen bumps will not have any functional impact on their devices. More on that here.

Original story (published on Oct.16, 2023) follows:

Here’s the crux of the article in video form:

DisplayMate recently ranked the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro as the best in the world with a score of 154. This score surpasses the previous best score (152) held by Samsung Galaxy Fold 5, yet the Pixel 8’s Actua display is made by Samsung. But unfortunately, DisplayMate’s ranking doesn’t include durability tests. Rather, their focus is on readability, color, video, motion, touch, and artifacts.

Luckily, you can get durability tests from the likes of JerryRigEverything on YouTube. But not even his strong arms could break the Pixel 8. Passing Zack’s durability tests often means a phone can take some rough handling. However, we are already starting to see unusual reports of some people noticing bumps or bulges on the Pixel 8 screen.


It’s not to say the bulges or bumps are due to attempts to bend the phone or rough handling in general. But for a phone as new as the Pixel 8 to start showing early signs of a potential hardware defect is a huge concern. The bumps appear on various sections, but most people have noticed them in the top-left of the screen. It can easily pass off as an issue with air trapped under the screen protector, but it’s not the case.

Below is a screenshot of the issue as shared in the Reddit post above.

Click/tap to view

It may not be something you’d notice without looking for. Though those affected claim once you see it, you cannot unsee it. You also can’t feel them. But given the screen is the primary way to interact with your phone, it can get annoying really quick seeing ever-present bumps or bulges on your brand new Pixel 8 or 8 Pro.

There are also a few other display issues affecting the Pixel 8. Some people have bumped into freezing and flickering (white) issues that completely killed the screen. I also came across reports of a dead pixel on the screen, although not as widespread as the bumps.

Google is replacing Pixel 8 units with bumps or bulges

Luckily, a couple of those affected escalated their cases to Google support. In return, the company has offered to send a replacement unit. Whether this confirms the bumps or bulges on the Pixel 8 are hardware defects remains unclear. But it’s a good thing to see Google quickly taking up the matter and addressing it equally fast.


So, if you happen to notice any bumps or bulges on your Pixel 8 screen, be sure to contact Google support for a replacement unit or further assistance.

Featured image: Google

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