Android 14 has been available for a few days now for all eligible Google Pixel devices. Sadly, it seems that the long-awaited update has not yet reached all users, as there are several who are still waiting for the OTA notification on their phones.

More specifically, it seems that the Android 14 update is not yet available for multiple Google Pixel 7 series users whose devices were activated with T-Mobile or Google Fi carriers. That said, there is a potential workaround that could help you to ‘force’ the OTA arrival.

Android 14 update not available for several Google Pixel 7 series users on T-Mobile & Google Fi

After each big Android update rollout, Google sends the OTA to all eligible mobile devices. However, it does not reach everyone at the same time, as the network carrier with which you have activated your device must give the green light to the rollout. To give the green light, the carrier must first customize the ROM destined for your device, which can cause delays.


For this reason, numerous Pixel phones users prefer to sideload the update by downloading the ROM from the official Google website once it is available. However, not everyone has the necessary knowledge to do that, so many can only wait for their carriers to send it.

T-Mobile is a carrier with a history of long delays in rollout updates, something that many users complain about on social media platforms and forums. But, in this case, even Google Fi users are complaining about having not received the update. This may be surprising as it is a network provider managed by Google.

That said, the Google Fi Android 14 update rollout delay has a simple explanation. Basically, Google Fi is not a completely independent carrier, but is actually an MVNO (a company without a proper mobile spectrum license, since they use the infrastructure of larger companies to offer network services). Fi uses T-Mobile’s infrastructure, so a T-Mobile delay also affects Google Fi users.


In fact, the situation impacts not only Fi users, but also those of Mint Mobile. Currently, Mint Mobile is part of the T-Mobile conglomerate, so the situation is similar since they share the same network infrastructure.

Now that you know the reason Android 14 update is still not available on your T-Mobile/Google Fi/Mint Mobile Google Pixel 7 series device, we will tell you how you can fix it.

Try this potential workaround to get the update

If you want to speed up the Android 14 update delivery to your Pixel 7 series device, there’s something you can do to ‘force’ the OTA availability. Basically, you just need to swap your phone SIM for one from another carrier that has received the update, install it and then reinsert your SIM. For instance, some users mention that Verizon SIM cards work for this ‘trick’, so you can give it a try.

We hope that the tip has helped you get the update on your device faster. Whether it helped or not, please feel free to leave a comment below to share your experience with us.

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