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Owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, MAX is a streaming service known for its extensive selection of TV shows, movies, and original programming.

One can choose from an impressive catalog of content from various genres, including action, comedy, documentary, drama, and much more.

However, like any other streaming service, MAX also has its fair share of bugs and issues. For instance, we recently covered the issue where the ‘Continue Watching’ feature was not working on the Max app after rebranding.


MAX app audio settings changing from English to Spanish

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple MAX users are facing an issue where the app’s audio settings keep changing from English to Spanish.

In addition to this, some are only able to playback content in Spanish and do not get the option to switch to other languages.

Subscribers have also reported instances where changing the language on their phone to English was only momentarily successful.

Interestingly, some are even experiencing random switches to the Spanish dub in the middle of playback.


This is undeniably a bad piece of news for all those who are unable to enjoy watching their favorite movies or shows without frequent hiccups.

One of those affected complains that the app keeps skipping the endings of different episodes. And to make matters worse, the subsequent episode plays in Spanish as well.

Another user alleges that every time they try to watch an episode of one of their favorite shows, the audio switches to Spanish. And understandably, those affected have taken to web forums to express their frustration.

The new @StreamOnMax app is super awesome because if a movie is available in Spanish it will automatically play in Spanish with no way to change it 😺😁. Oh and also the only subtitles are in Spanish too 👍

@StreamOnMax how about fixing the language issue in the app? Every time a new episode starts, the language switches to Spanish.

Users are even questioning the point of having purchased a membership if they cannot playback a show or movie in their preferred language. Nevertheless, the troubles of Max subscribers don’t end here.

MAX app audio changing from Spanish to English

Some MAX users (1,2,3,4,5) are also facing an issue where the app’s audio keeps switching from Spanish to English time and again.

As per the claims, they are unable to access content in any language other than English since HBO Max transitioned into Max. Notably, this issue pops up when playing movies or shows that were originally filmed in Spanish as well.

This is undeniably quite frustrating and annoying for all those who can only playback shows or movies in English.


One of those impacted says that they only signed up for Max because it offered content in Spanish. However, they are now dismayed to find out that they cannot play audio in this language.

They also mention that they are no longer able to watch movies with their spouse.

The only reason I had HBOMAX was because they had Spanish audio option. Now you transition to MAX and no Spanish at all? My husband doesn’t speak or understands English now I can’t watch movies with him anymore.

I have a Roku tv & It worked fine. I just had to keep switching it to Spanish before every episode. It would switch back to English before the start of each episode

Subscribers are now requesting the developers to fix this glitch as soon as possible.

That said, we’ll continuously monitor the topic where the audio settings keep changing from English to Spanish (or vice versa) on the MAX app and update you.

Update 1 (October 5, 2023)

09:03 am (IST): According to recent users reports (1,2,3,4) the issue is still present where the audio keeps switching to Spanish. The support has not yet acknowledged this, hopefully this gets fixed soon for the affected users.

Note: There are more such stories in our dedicated HBO Section, so be sure to follow them as well.

Update 2 (October 6, 2023)

12:52 pm (IST): Max support ask the users to check out the troubleshooting steps provided here.

Update 3 (October 9, 2023)

06:28 pm (IST): Max support has acknowledged the issue where some titles are defaulting to Spanish on start:

Max support

Featured image source: Max.

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