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Allrecipes is an incredibly useful platform that allows users to access, create, and share recipes with the community. It can be accessed through the official website or mobile application.

The Android app has over 5 million downloads which makes Allrecipes one of the most popular recipe-sharing platforms. However, some have been reporting various issues with the application.

Allrecipes app not working

For the past few weeks, users have been complaining (1,2,3,4,5) that the Allrecipes app is not working as intended. Multiple important features no longer work and the experience just isn’t great.


There are several bugs that have been affecting users for quite some time, but the developers have done nothing to fix them. A few have also reported issues related to the sign-in functionality.

Why doesn’t your app work anymore!!! ? I can’t sign in. Or use it without signin in. I use to be able to do both.

Common troubleshooting methods like restarting the device or reinstalling the application do not help fix the issues either. Some are confused why the application suddenly stopped receiving updates.

If you’re hopeful that the developers will eventually fix these issues, sadly, we only have bad news for you.

App discontinued

On March 6, 2023, The Allrecipes team announced that they’ll be discontinuing their mobile application and shifting all their focus to the website. March 20, 2023, was the official discontinuation date for the app.


This decision has saddened those who used the application on a regular basis. Fortunately, the Allrecipes website offers most of the app’s features.

I’m so sorry, Louis – the app is no longer being supported. Any recipes you did save are still available in your profile on the website, however.

If you’ve saved a lot of recipes on the mobile app, you can access them on the website by logging in using the right credentials. Despite the website supporting most features, some complain that the web UI isn’t as intuitive.

An application is also a lot more convenient to use than a website. Nobody wants to go through the extra steps of opening the browser, searching the name of the website, and then accessing the recipes.

Naturally, users are looking for different alternatives that can help create and share recipes. Some have recommended Whisk (1,2) as quite possibly the best option at the moment.

While it’s uncertain if the Allrecipes app will ever come back, we’ll keep an eye on this matter and update this story to reflect noteworthy developments.

Update 1 (May 22, 2023)

05:45 pm (IST): As AllRecipe discontinues support for their app and transitions exclusively to a web-based platform, we’d like to introduce you to a suitable alternative: Thecookbook app.

It offers similar features and functionality, ensuring you can continue enjoying a seamless cooking experience.

Update 2 (May 23, 2023)

05:03 pm (IST): Yummly is another potential alternative to Allrecipes since it also has an app for mobile devices, as well as a powerful recipe search engine.

Update 3 (May 30, 2023)

04:38 pm (IST):Tastemade‘ is another of the apps that can serve as a direct alternative to the ‘defunct’ Allrecipes app.

Update 4 (June 12, 2023)

05:17 pm (IST): Users can try and use the Tasty app as a potential and reliable alternative to the Allrecipes app.

Update 5 (June 26, 2023)

04:12 pm (IST): Another potential alternative is the Kitchen Stories app, which stands out for its detailed step-by-step graphic instructions for each recipe.

Update 6 (August 28, 2023)

06:02 pm (IST): Spillt is another alternative to the Allrecipes app that lets users post their recipes.

Update 7 (October 9, 2023)

07:00 pm (IST): You can also use another global recipe sharing platform called CookPad to upload and share recipes, as well as search for recipes by ingredient, dish, or keyword.

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