The Sims Mobile players have been facing an agonizing ordeal since the release of the Hello Japan update as the game keeps crashing or freezing. It’s disheartening to say that what was once a beloved game has become virtually unplayable for weeks now.

The Sims Mobile crashing or freezing

One of the most glaring issues that players are encountering is the game’s inability to even load properly. The loading screen has become a notorious stumbling block. Multiple players have experienced the sheer frustration of attempting to start the game, only to have it crash repeatedly at the loading screen.

The Sims Mobile crashing

Even if you’re lucky enough to get past the loading screen, you may still have a nightmarish experience due to frequent and inexplicable freezes. Just as players begin to immerse themselves in the lives of their virtual Sims, the game seizes up, forcing them to stare at a frozen screen. These freezes not only break the immersion but also lead to a sense of helplessness.

As if crashing and freezing weren’t enough, the Hello Japan update also brought with it a baffling phenomenon. Players have reported that their meticulously crafted buildings and cleared land on the Sunset Jetty House Lot have vanished into thin air.

It’s as if a digital bulldozer razed their creations, leaving nothing but a frustrating void in their wake. The emotional attachment players form with their in-game creations makes this loss all the more painful.

The patch

EA’s response to this growing outcry was a patch released on September 29th, supposedly aimed at resolving these issues.

The Sims Mobile support

However, the frustration in the player community has only escalated since then. The promised fixes remain elusive, with some reporting that the problems persist even after the patch.

EA’s deafening silence

Perhaps the most exasperating aspect of this entire ordeal is the resounding silence from EA. Despite the uproar within the player community and the palpable disappointment, EA has chosen to remain tight-lipped on the matter. There have been no official communications addressing the persistent problems plaguing The Sims Mobile since the patch.

The Sims Mobile login
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This radio silence has left players feeling ignored, undervalued, and increasingly disillusioned with the once-beloved game. Dedicated players hope that EA acknowledges their grievances, communicates openly about the ongoing issues, and works diligently to restore The Sims Mobile to its former glory.

That said, we’ll keep track of the situation and will post an update if and when there are any further developments regarding the matter.

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