While Apple claims iPhone 15 series to be the best iPhones ever made, users reporting various issues with their units is raising questions about this statement. Now, there’s a newly surfaced bug where earpiece speaker on some iPhone 15 models is rattling or producing cracking sound when users increase the volume.

Ever since these iPhones have released, users have reported various issue such as display refresh rate stuck, unoptimized apps, overheating issue, and more.  

iPhone 15 earpiece speaker rattling

Several iPhone 15 users are facing an audio anomaly where the earpiece speaker produces an undesirable rattling or cracking sound when the volume is cranked up beyond 80 percent. This issue causes a significant inconvenience, forcing users to keep their device’s volume at lower levels to avoid the disturbance.


Even after replacing their units, some users have found that the problem persists. This is raising questions about whether this is a hardware or software-related glitch. While some think that it’s a software bug, others say it’s possibly a hardware defect.

Getting frustrated and concerned with this audio bug, several users have considered going back to older iPhones.

Echo during on speaker phone calls

Another audio-related concern revolves around speakerphone calls. Users have reported an echo effect on the receiver’s end when the phone is switched to speaker mode. This has prompted frustration among users who rely on speakerphone functionality for various situations.

Additionally, some users have experienced issue where the other person on the call struggles to hear them while they can.


What you can do?

Now coming to what actions can the affected iPhone 15 owners take. Just replacing the affected unit doesn’t seem to be a viable solution. However, if its software-related problem, it should get resolved in the future iOS version. But if it’s hardware issue, fighting against it could be difficult.

In case of hardware bug, users can either reach out to an Apple service center or simply return the unit and wait until Apple addresses it. Hardware problems are usually covered under the product warranty. So, you can get your phone checked and know if the earpiece speaker can be replaced or repaired. You can check this information on Apple’s official website.

But before that, you should make sure to check if this is actually a hardware issue. And since Apple hasn’t yet acknowledged the problem, it’s hard to say whether it has something to do with software or the earpiece speaker is defective.

That said, we will make sure to update this article if and when we find anything noteworthy.

Note: In the meantime, you can also check out our dedicated Apple section for more such content.

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