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Cyberpunk 2077 has a mission called ‘Automatic Love’ where, for plot reasons, the player’s character will experience a relic malfunction, which causes vision to be distorted or ‘glitched’.

‘Automatic Love’ is a pivotal main quest in Cyberpunk 2077 where the player’s character becomes entangled in the web of intrigue and cybernetics within Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077 ‘permanent relic malfunction’ bug

During this quest, the protagonist experiences a relic malfunction, leading to visual distortions and glitches.

But, a bug in the game is causing this visual glitch to persist indefinitely, much to the frustration of players (1,2,3,4,5).

Cyberpunk 2077 relic malfunction

Typically, this effect should dissipate as the story progresses, allowing players to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

However, as we know, that’s not the case, as players report that their characters’ vision remains distorted even after completing the quest.

Moreover, it appears that these issues began after the 2.0 update, as players did not experience any problems before that.

Relict had it’s scripted malfunction after leaving Automatic Love quest but hasn’t stopped. I should have reloaded my save then and there but it wasn’t as distracting then. Anybody have a fix that doesn’t require setting me back 6 hours?

At the end of Automatic Love the relic malfunctioned (as we expect) but my HUD hasn’t returned to normal and is really annoying with the constant ghosting and fuzzy minimap, does anyone know a way to fix this or do i need to start a new save?

Issue acknowledged

Developers have identified the bug’s direct link to a specific dialogue choice made during the ‘Automatic Love’ quest.

To be more precise, choosing the ‘F**ked in the head worse than me’ option during a conversation with Johnny Silverhand after leaving an elevator triggers the bug.

Cyberpunk 2077 relic malfunction

Potential workaround

1. Load a previous save: The simplest workaround, albeit inconvenient, is to load a previous save file from a point in the game before the ‘Automatic Love’ quest or the dialogue option that triggers the bug.

Unfortunately, this method may result in the loss of several hours of progress.

2. Complete two quick quests: Another workaround suggested by the community involves completing two quick quests given by SCSM Brendan, namely ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ and ‘Spray Paint.’

Players can complete these quests relatively straightforward and quickly. Completing the second mission in this sequence can override the relic malfunction effect, restoring normal gameplay.

3. Use a Mod: For players who are comfortable with modding their game, there is a specially designed mod available to remove the glitch.

Installation is relatively straightforward. Follow these steps:

1.Use Vortex (recommended) or manually install by dragging and dropping the contents of the mod’s zip file into the Cyberpunk 2077 root folder.
2. For GOG users, the path would be something like ‘C:\Games\Cyberpunk 2077[it goes here]’.
3. For Steam users, the path should resemble ‘C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077[it goes here]’.

Despite the rocky start, Cyberpunk 2077 continues to evolve.

The gaming community eagerly anticipates further improvements and bug fixes to make Night City a more enjoyable experience for all.

Update 1 (September 29, 2023)

12:20 pm (IST): Fortunately, you can also try replaying the elevator section following the events of Automatic Love.

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