watchOS 10 'Workout app' layout redesign 'a huge downgrade', as per some Apple Watch users

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Some Apple Watch owners feel that the layout redesign of the Workout app in watchOS 10 is a huge downgrade.

The company introduced many updates to the Workout app in the latest OS that are more focused on cyclists and hikers. The new upgrade allows the Apple Watch to connect with Bluetooth accessories designed for cyclists.

This helps them get information like cadence, power, and speed. The Apple Watch can now also send elevation alerts to hikers when they pass a certain elevation.


watchOS 10 ‘Workout app’ layout redesign ‘a huge downgrade’

The recent update also introduces a layout redesign to the app. However, by glancing at the reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), it seems that not everyone is a fan of the alterations made to the client.

Apple has moved some features around in watchOS 10. Understandably, users are facing problems when trying to access them like before.

Some claim that the recent patch has destroyed the Workout app. While others view it as a step backward in terms of user-friendliness.

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What used to be a simple action to access workouts in watchOS 9 has now become a multi-step process in watchOS 10. It’s even easier to review mile splits for your sessions on the phone instead of the watch.

Also, it’s no longer possible to side-swipe while in a workout or easily start another one. In watchOS 10, ending a workout now requires even more steps, which is quite frustrating for many Apple Watch owners.

Understandably, people are getting frustrated and are asking for an option to disable it completely.

Hey, is it possible to DISABLE the “are you sure?” question when you end a workout? Having to click twice to end a workout, instead of once, is very frustrating. TIA.

Even more disappointing is how to activate the water or sweat lock feature in watchOS 10. Unlike before, you now have to go through the control center to turn it on.

This is undeniably quite frustrating for those who are accustomed to the older settings. Understandably, they are now requesting the developers to revert the changes.

Some even claim to have submitted feedback about the changes in the beta phase of the OS itself. However, it appears that Apple did not agree with their view points and proceeded as it is.

Apple should seriously reconsider moving the water lock feature from the control center to the workout app. Sometimes you’re just taking a shower. Sometimes, you’re just washing your dog.

A few have even termed the latest OS the worst update ever released for the Apple Watch. And if you fully or partially agree, you can join them and submit your feedback to Apple here.

Some like the changes

However, there is a subset of users (1,2,3,4,5) that like the recently introduced changes. Some say that they like the newly added ‘Workout ending’ prompt as it helps prevent accidental terminations.

Those who use the watch while hiking also assert that this feature can be very beneficial during their trips. One narrates an instance where they ended up splitting their most challenging hike workout into two separate events.

They argue that this would not have happened if this feature was available before.


People are also happy as they can now access the ‘Water Lock’ feature with just a click and tap.

I actually like this one. When i was running and it would start to rain I sometimes had issues getting the water lock on when the display was too wet already. Now it’s just click and tap.

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