Fitbit app 'step streak' missing or not showing after latest update; UI redesign met with backlash

The ‘step streak’ feature is reportedly missing or not showing in the Fitbit app after the latest app update.

Step streak is a great way to keep track of the number of days you’ve consecutively reached your daily step goal.

However, it looks like the recent app update has introduced a glitch that is preventing the use of this feature.

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Fitbit app ‘step streak’ missing or not showing

Multiple Fitbit users (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) are complaining that the app does not show the streak after hitting the step goal. This unexpected change has sparked a wave of discontent within the Fitbit community.

For many, the step-goal streak statistic is a pivotal motivator, sometimes prompting late-night treadmill sessions just to maintain it.

And without a doubt, losing an impressive streak of more than hundreds or thousands of days can cause significant frustration.

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The disappearance of the metric is also bad news for those who used to schedule their day in such a way that their streak would not break.

It’s unclear whether the feature has been deliberately removed from the app or is not available due to a bug.

Some are even planning to avoid the new update altogether if indeed this feature has been removed from the Fitbit app owing to its significance to them.

Losing the step goal streak metric in the new app is a major fail! It’s literally what keeps some of us walking on a treadmill at 11pm to keep our streak.

Expectedly, frustrated Fitbit users now want to go back to the old interface. Some allege that Fitbit has slowly removed everything that its customers actually liked.

If anything, Fitbit should have at least considered taking feedback about features users like the most in the app before removing them.

@fitbit my app updated and it no longer shows my streak for hitting my step goal. Where did it go? How do I get it back?

Even more frustrating for Premium users is that calories in vs. calories out is not a major part of the ‘weight loss focus’. Those affected are now requesting the developers to fix this glitch as soon as possible.

Official acknowledgment (Step streak missing)

Fortunately, Fitbit is aware of the problem and is working to identify a resolution as quickly as possible.


Fitbit app UI redesign met with backlash

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), several Fitbit users don’t like the recently introduced UI. They feel that the latest Fitbit app is not an upgrade but a downgrade.

And this is because the company has allegedly removed the useful app features and decreased its functionality. Some have even remarked that the new Fitbit app update is the worst thing that they’ve ever seen.

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I embrace change, but this Fitbit App update isn’t a change. It’s a downgrade. The update removed useful features and decreased functionality.

They hate the black and white interface and allege that it has now even become difficult to use the client. People also complain that the recent upgrade is boring, muted, and pointless.

They say that developers have wasted white space, which leads to much unnecessary scrolling. Further, they contend that the cards are useless as one needs to separately click on each one to get useful information.

@fitbit the new Fitbit app update is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It’s all back and white, hard to see and all jumbled together. Looks like a child designed it.

Some have even questioned the point of modifying things that were already perfect. And they are now requesting the developers to revert the modifications.

NOTE: You can check the Fitbit bugs/issues and updates tracker for more information.

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