Some Starfield players have lately been alleging that the in-game Temples are ‘boring’ and ‘tedious’. There are also reports of Temples not spawning or not showing for some.

In Starfield, Temples house unique and powerful abilities that can be unlocked by completing puzzles. In addition to this, these structures also allow games to learn new skills and abilities.


Starfield Temples are ‘boring’ and ‘tedious’

But according to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), multiple Starfield players are disappointed with Temples. It appears that their expectations for these structures, unfortunately, didn’t align with the reality of their design.

Gamers say that Temples appear well-designed from the outside and give the impression of a shrine from Zelda or a dungeon from Skyrim. However, they argue that they lack fun and exciting gameplay.

Players believe that Temples should be intricately designed dungeons, offering a challenging experience with unique bosses and valuable loot.

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They are dismayed to discover that these are basically random, procedurally generated scenarios. And what makes the situation worse is the fact that one has to always repeat the same minigame to complete them and earn rewards.

Some feel that the developers have reused the same structure about thirty times all over the galaxy. They also assert that one doesn’t need to use the scanner to find the Temples.

And this is because they can easily view the structure from the landing zone itself.

Someone really copy pasted them like 30 times all over the galaxy with zero difference or challenge and called it a day. You don’t even need to use the scanner because you can usually just see the Temple from the landing zone.

Gamers also feel that the team missed out on a significant opportunity to introduce diversity to these structures.

They argue that some underground temples that were accessible only through a small sinkhole could have been included.

In addition, they believe that mountainside or underwater dungeons with different challenges and stories could also have been added as well.

I admit the first temple is interesting and a little challenging to find out how to solve it. To hit the floating light balls for more than ten time is hardly interesting anymore…

Someone suggests that the experience could’ve been much better with some starborn bosses inside the Temples.

Starfield Temples not spawning or showing up for some

Multiple Starfield players (1,2,3,4,5,6) are also encountering an issue where the Temples are not spawning or showing up on the map.

As per the claims, the structures don’t appear even after closing, restarting the game, or rebooting the gaming console. Even reloading an old saved game file doesn’t help get rid of this issue.

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One of those impacted claims to be facing difficulties while trying to complete challenges of the Piazzi IV-C mission. They say that the structure just gets discovered as ‘Temple’ without any further name.

Even though they get 200 XP on completing the mission, they don’t get any powers, and the quest does not get marked as complete.

I have the same problem. And can’t get any power from any temple. The same issue. The scanner don’t start “glitching” as the quest suggest. I just find the temple by visual navigation. The mission never updates after I complete. I get 200xp.

Another adds that they have completed all the temple missions and obtained 24 powers. But sadly, the game still indicates that they have not discovered three temples.

I had the same problem but I had another bug that caused it. My razorleaf spaceship bay was bugged and wouldn’t open.

Potential workaround (Temples not spawning)

Apparently, you can try re-playing the last Temple that you completed for a potential fix.

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Having said that, we’ll keep monitoring the situation and update this article as and when we come across anything noteworthy.

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