Safari bug keeps bringing cursor in front of text on Google search on iOS devices, leaves many frustrated

iOS devices have a Safari bug that persistently shifts the cursor forward during Google searches, leading to widespread frustration among users.

When attempting to perform a Google search using Safari browser, users are encountering an irksome bug.

The issue arises when you tap on the search field and the cursor consistently relocates to the beginning of the text, rather than appearing at the end as expected.

Safari bug keeps bringing cursor in front of text on Google search

As per reports (1,2,3,4,5), numerous users express frustration due to a Safari browser issue wherein the cursor unexpectedly moves left while editing or adding words in the search bar.

You need to tap twice, once to start editing, and then tap again at the end of the text on the right side to enter new text.

This issue continues to persist even in the latest iOS 17 builds, as confirmed by a Redditor. And there’s still no official word about the bug .

Same problem. Changing the firmware to 17 did nothing. And there is no information about this problem anywhere on the Internet.By the way Search works correctly in other browsers (Source)

Another individual on Apple community forums has shared their experience, echoing the same issue and expressing their frustration.

just got a new iphone 13 from verizon and im not sure if this issue is normal or not. when i search something on safari and i type that text again to erase it or type more the cursor will sometimes jump to the front of the text instead of the back of it like normal. running ios 16.6 btw

We also conducted a test on one of our own devices running iOS 17 and observed the same. Please refer to the provided screen recording for a visual demonstration.

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However, this bug doesn’t manifest on macOS. On a Mac, when you click to the right of the search phrase, the cursor is correctly placed to the right.

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As of now, Apple has not provided any updates regarding the solution to this bug. Rest assured, we will keep you informed if we receive any updates in the future.

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