[Updated] Facebook & Messenger app crashing on iPhone after iOS 17 update? Try this potential workaround

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Original story (published on September 20, 2023) follows:

If you’re an iPhone user who recently installed the iOS 17 update, you may have encountered a frustrating issue where the Facebook and Messenger app keeps crashing unexpectedly.

Several users rely heavily on these apps to stay connected with friends and family, so this problem can be quite disruptive.

Facebook and Messenger app crashing on iPhone

Before the iOS 17 update, using Facebook and Messenger was a breeze. There were no mysterious crashes or glitches to worry about.

However, after installing the iOS 17 update, some users began experiencing a bothersome bug that caused these apps to crash (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

Facebook app crashing on iPhone

These crashes aren’t just occasional hiccups; they happen frequently and can render the apps almost unusable for some individuals.

The frustrating part is that these users did not update their Facebook or Messenger apps. The problem appeared to be related solely to the iOS update.

With Facebook discontinuing Messenger Lite, there’s now no alternative for users who rely on the Messenger app to communicate with their friends.

@messenger hi, since IOS17 and the app update, it crash, delete, reinstall, it crash everytime. Thank you

Is anyone else’s Facebook app crashing on the iPad after the iOS 17.0 update in UK?

Perhaps one of the most disheartening aspects of this situation is the lack of acknowledgment from Facebook.

Potential workaround

While we await an official fix from Facebook or Apple, we’ve stumbled upon a potential workaround. This workaround involves adjusting the font size within the apps, and here are the steps to follow:

1. Open Settings: Begin by launching the Settings app on your iPhone. You can usually find it on your home screen.

2. Control Center: Scroll down in the Settings app until you find ‘Control Center’ and tap on it.

3. Customize Controls: Inside Control Center, you’ll see a list of controls you can add. Look for ‘Text Size’ and tap the green plus icon (+) next to it to add it to your Control Center.

4. Incoming Call via Messenger: Ask a friend to call you via the Messenger app. When the call comes in, you might not be able to answer it, but that’s okay. What we’re looking for is a missed call notification from Messenger.

5. Tap the Missed Call Notification: When you see the missed call notification in your iPhone’s notification bar, tap on it.

6. Open Messenger: After tapping the notification, you’ll find yourself inside the Messenger app. Now, you’re almost there!

7. Adjust Font Size: While you’re in the Messenger app, swipe down to reveal the notification center. You’ll see an “aA” icon in the top left corner; this is the font size adjustment button. Hold down on it.

8. Change Font Size: A menu will appear on the left side (specifically for Messenger). Here, you can adjust the font size. Change it to 100%.

9. That’s It: You’re done! Your Messenger app should now have its font size set to 100%, and you might find that the crashes become less frequent or stop altogether.

While this workaround might not be a permanent fix, it can help you continue using the Facebook and Messenger apps on your iPhone until a more permanent solution is provided.

Update 1 (September 25, 2023)

12:03 pm (IST): According to some users (1, 2, 3), the crashing issue with Facebook and Messenger has been fixed after iOS 17.0.1 update.

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