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After updating to iOS 17, some users have noticed that the familiar rewind and fast forward video gestures in the built-in video player are missing or no longer working.

In previous iOS versions, users could easily rewind or fast forward a video by a simple touch and drag action on the screen.

Swiping from left to right or vice versa on the video player screen allowed users to quickly navigate through the video.

iOS 17 ‘rewind & fast forward video’ gestures not working

However, with the introduction of iOS 17, users have found that this familiar gesture no longer works.


Did iOS 17 get rid of the ability to touch(swipe from) anywhere on the screen to fast forward through videos? Seems like it’s only limited to the two 10 second buttons and the bottom bar? If there is a way to switch back to the anywhere on screen can someone point me in the right direction? (Source)

Is the swipe anywhere on screen to seek gesture gone on iOS 17? Is there a replacement? I know I can still swipe on the video progress bar but that doesn’t let precisely seek back/forward just a few seconds. (Source)

Instead, you are now required to use the video player’s progress bar to rewind or fast forward a video.

This means you have to tap on progress bar and drag it left or right to navigate through the video.

With iOS 17, Apple added several new actions for video, such as lifting subjects and visual look-up. These actions might involve swiping or tapping on the screen.

And to avoid conflicts and ensure a smooth user experience, Apple might have removed the swipe-to-rewind or fast forward gesture in the latest version.

If you’re missing the old gesture for rewinding and fast-forwarding videos, you’ll need to adapt to the new method.

That said, we will make sure to keep tabs of the latest development and update this article as and when we come across anything noteworthy.

Update 1 (September 25, 2023)

07:30 pm (IST): According to reports, a few people did not like the feature as it could potentially cause accidental video rewinds.

However, those who liked the feature (1,2,3) are asking the developers to introduce an option to enable and disable the gestures.

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