[Update: Outage fixed] Splatoon 3 'communication or server error has occurred' issue reported by many

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Original story (published on October 12, 2022) follows:

Splatoon is one of Nintendo’s newest franchises. The most recent game in the saga is Splatoon 3 and it is available for Nintendo Switch.

Splatoon games are ‘third-person shooters’ where the protagonists are anthropomorphic squids that participate in matches against others shooting ink.

The matches are dynamic thanks to mechanics such as quickly transporting yourself through the ink you leave scattered on the stage. Characters also have their own abilities that you can take advantage of.


However, currently some Splatoon 3 players have been facing a ‘communication or server error has occurred’ issue during online matches.

Splatoon 3 ‘communication or server error has occurred’

According to multiple reports, a ‘communication or server error has occurred’ message is suddenly appearing to some Splatoon 3 players, disconnecting them from matches.


Just had a somewhat stable game of Salmon run cut short by the game randomly giving a connection error in the middle of a match, which made me panick for a bit that I had deranked due to a freaking DC I had no control over… so anyways, how’s you’re evening?#Splatoon3

Ok but like is it just me or do your teammates look and move so much smoother as holograms in the lobby after getting that widespread “server communication” error? #Splatoon3

It’s worth pointing out that Splatoon 3 servers were recently down and not working, which could be related to the issue.


did the splatoon 3 servers go down or something?

splatoon 3 servers are down time for splatoon 2

There is no official acknowledgment of the issue from Splatoon 3 developers yet. We will update this story as new relevant developments emerge.

Update 1 (October 21, 2022)

13:13 pm (IST): According to Downdetector, Nintendo online services were experiencing some issues that prevent access to their games a few hours ago.

This was also the time where we noticed that people again started reporting about the “communication error” (1,2,3,4).

Why can’t I get into a battle in Splatoon 3? It says it’s battle time but then almost immediately says communication error. Is there something with my internet or something?

This hints to the possibility that the error is caused when the servers are experiencing issues. So if users are seeing this error, they should check if the servers are down or not.

Update 2 (November 09, 2022)

02:41 pm (IST): Multiple reports indicate that Splatoon 3 multiplayer servers are currently down or not working (1, 2, 3). Players only get a ‘not enough players’ error message when looking for a match.

Update 3 (September 19, 2022)

09:05 am (IST): Splatoon 3 players report that the servers are currently down or not working (1, 2).

01:10 pm (IST): Splatoon 3 online modes are now available again to the joy of its players.

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