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Recent reports allege that a loophole in the Netflix system allows kids to inadvertently renew subscription without entering any account credentials.

This revelation came to light when a concerned parent took to Reddit to share their frustrating experience with this flaw.

As we all know, streaming platforms have become an integral part of any household. However sometimes, users may come across unexpected flaws and issues.


For instance, we recently highlighted an issue with YouTube ‘Guest mode’ as it became an easy way for children to escape YouTube Kids.

Netflix loophole lets kids renew subscription from their account

But when it’s something related to Netflix, these flaws could be quite alarming. This is owing to the fact that it’s one of the world’s leading streaming platforms.

That said, a Redditor took to Netflix sub-reddit to describe a scenario that every parent might find unsettling. Their kid managed to renew the Netflix subscription without knowing the account credentials.


Here’s how the process unfolded. The child simply pressed the Netflix button on the remote and selected the kid’s profile.

Surprisingly, without requiring any password input or additional verification, a pop-up appeared. It offered to renew the membership, and this emerged right within the kid’s profile.

Just to be clear, no password input was required to do this. The 3 years old does not know any of my credentials. He just know to hit the Netflix button om the remote and click the kid’s profile.
And then there’s a popup renewing the membership… in the kid’s profile.

The parent’s response was initially to cancel the subscription. But soon enough, they discovered that there was a less drastic solution available.

It’s interesting to note that other individuals have come forward confirming that they also experienced a similar problem (1,2).

Potential solution

To halt this troublesome loophole, the Redditor stumbled upon an option to ‘Sign off all devices’. This solution can be instrumental in preventing unauthorized renewals.


However, if your child has access to the account credentials, you might need to take additional steps to secure your account. Changing the password to the account would be a reasonable move in such cases.

Furthermore, you can also send Netflix an email to remove your credit card details completely from the account.

Send them an email asking them to remove the card. That’s what I did when my parents kept renewing. They had no idea they had renewed. They literally lose the ability to read/think when holding technology.

The Redditor also noted that this incident occurred just before the billing cycle ended. This indicates that the subscription hadn’t yet expired.

Yeah, the end of the billing cycle was today,
Edit: or yesterday, technically, since today it renewed.

This incident undoubtedly shines a spotlight on an issue that many Netflix users may not have previously been aware of.

While it’s important to acknowledge that the platform offers a user-friendly experience for all family members, this convenience may inadvertently lead to unexpected renewals.

Users can only remain vigilant and informed in such cases. We also hope that Netflix does something to fix this loophole or not show a subscription pop-up in the kids’ accounts.

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