Lies of P players are expressing their concerns about the game’s tight parry window.

Players swiftly took to social media to share their experiences, hoping to shed light on the issue and possibly find a solution.

Lies of P tight parry window

I’ve seen a couple of creators who are big Soulsbourne aficionados mention the parry timings can be a bit on the tight side. Even going as far as saying they could do with tweaking. (Source)

The Window is TOO TIGHT. Landing this against enemies (especially elites/bosses) that have 6-string combos or back-to-back red attacks is too difficult and will get many killed (Source)

Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio’s newly released souls-like game, Lies of P, appears to pose significant challenges in executing perfect parries.

Like other souls-like games, Lies of P incorporates a parry system that enables players to effectively counter enemy attacks.

However, player reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) indicate that the brief window for inputting a parry during an incoming attack is so tight that consistently performing it seems nearly impossible.

Lies of P tight parry window

Yet, the parry system’s issues don’t end there. Some players suggest that the parry system is linked to the game’s frames per second (FPS).

Allegedly, the game’s performance affects the parry window, causing it to vary among players.

claim that many people have been making since the first demo came out: that the parry window is related to FPS. I wasn’t sure myself. I think when I first played the demo the parry window felt tiny to me, but when I came back to it much later a couple of weeks ago it felt very generous… (Source)

On the other hand, some players argue that parrying lacks rewarding elements. While other souls-like games like Sekiro and Dark Souls generously reward players for parrying enemy attacks, Lies of P falls short in this regard.

What is even the point of having the mechanic in the first place? Really underwhelming that the only benefit is negating the incoming blocked dmg. We all know what Lies of P is inspired by; how did parry & riposte get left out of the combat design. At the very least there should be an Sekiro esq stagger bar for enemies or compensate for the insta stagger by narrowing the perfect guards timing window. (Source)

Unlike other souls-like games, parrying in Lies of P merely results in negated block damage. It neither staggers nor interrupts the enemy’s attack animation.

Workarounds for the tight parry window issue in Lies of P

As players voiced their complaints, some offered potential solutions for the issue.

According to one player, switching the input from a bumper click to a trigger pull could reduce input lag and improve reaction speed, helping players time their parries more effectively

If you’re struggling with perfect parry try switching block from bumper click to trigger pull. You can’t spam parry like you could in sekiro so it’s better to fully commit to the block and just try your best to time it perfectly. Having the longer travel distance forces you to commit, atleast more so than the bumper, where you’ll be tempter to hit it again when you inevitably press it too soon. (Source)

As of now, there has been no official statement from the developers regarding this issue. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates if any further developments arise.

Feature image source: Lies of P website

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