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2K24 players worldwide are reporting that one of the locations in the My Career mode, Brickley’s Gym has remained closed for them.

Players have shared their thoughts on various social media sites like Reddit, and X to shed some light on the issue.

2K24 Brickley's Gym closed

Does anyone know how fix Brickley’s Gym it keep saying it it closed how do you fix it ? (Source)

I love the game so far…. but why Brickley’s gym stay closed. Did one game in there and haven’t been able to get back in (Source)

2K’s latest installment in the NBA franchise, NBA 2K24, has been recently released and features numerous immersive modes in its campaigns.

Among them, the beloved My Career mode has made its return, allowing players to create and develop their own players. In this mode, players can complete various quests to enhance their character’s stats and skills.

In the Mamba Mentality Quest, players are required to visit Brickley’s Gym, where they can participate in a challenge. Completing it rewards them with a Decelerator Perk and 750 VC.

Normally, players can access the gym at any time for workouts or practice. However, recent reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) from players indicate that, even after completing the quest, they are unable to access the location.

This issue has garnered mixed reactions from players, as they are unsure whether it’s a bug or a game progression problem preventing access to the gym.

How to get inside the closed Brickley’s Gym in NBA 2k24?

The 2K24 player community is uncertain about the origin of this issue. However, some players have shared potential workarounds to resolve it.

One player suggested creating a 60 overall build with a height of 7’3″, then shooting five shots in My Career mode and fouling out. Afterward, head to the gym, and it may prompt you to enter the building.

Players need to repeat this process until they receive the prompt. Although this may appear to be a bug, some players believe it isn’t.

According to them, waiting for 7 in-game days can also resolve the issue:

“It’s 7 in-game days. I thought it was bugged too, but I played some NBA games and then received a message from Brickley saying to come to the gym.” (Source)

As of now, the game developers have not issued any official statements regarding the issue. We will monitor the situation and provide updates if there are any further developments.

Update 1 (Sept. 14, 2023)

06:21 pm (IST): One of the players has suggested a phone function that can help you get through the Brickley’s gym. You can check it out below:

Figured it out! i had the same issue but stumbled across the phone function. Turn on the phone and read the text messages from Chris brickley and art of shooting guy inviting you to come back.

Update 2 (Sept. 18, 2023)

05:08 pm (IST): Some reports indicate that, in addition to having limited access to Brickley’s Gym, the game is freezing or getting stuck when trying to use it for some (1, 2, 3).

Feature image source: 2K

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