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One of the interesting features in Starfield is the ability for players to build a working landing pad at their outpost. It can be used to customize and teleport their ships.

Such game mechanics are one of the reasons why Bethesda’s Starfield has generated significant excitement among gamers.

However, the game has had its fair share of issues like fitness challenge not working or the audio.

Starfield outpost landing pad not working or missing

Adding to the list, some players have reported issues with the landing pads, including ships failing to land (1,2,3).

Starfield outpost landing pad not working

The Starfield outpost landing pad is a crucial structure in the game, enabling players to park their spacecraft and access the shipbuilding terminal for customization.

This versatile feature adds depth to the game, allowing players to manage their ships efficiently.

One common issue is that ships continue landing on their previous spot, regardless of a functioning landing pad nearby. It’s disheartening for some players to experience issues with this pivotal game element.

Has anyone else built an outpost landing pad? I trekked like 900m from my ship to set up an outpost on the beach. When I went to fly back to that outpost it landed my ship in the same landing spot as it did before I built the outpost, rather than on the landing pad.

Outpost were obviously not tested – here are some annoying bugs I found so far. Ship not landing on landing pad(yes it’s proper one)

Some players have also reported that their ships mysteriously land inside the landing pad structure.

To resolve this issue, players have to go to the terminal every time to switch ‘another ship’ to their ‘home ship’ then back to the ship that they want to use again.

Starfield outpost landing pad not working
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Another perplexing issue players face is the sudden disappearance of their outposts from the in-game map (1,2).

These outposts are painstakingly built by players on various planets, but for some, they vanish into thin air when checked on the map.

The cause of this problem is unclear, but it certainly detracts from the immersive and strategic aspects of the game.

My Outpost disappeared. Tried many things to recover but no luck. I just submitted a help ticket to Bethesda for this issue. It’s pretty annoying to have an outpost disappear!

As of the time of writing, Bethesda has not officially acknowledged these issues.

Potential workarounds

Worry not, Starfield community has come up with some useful workarounds to mitigate the outpost landing pad not working problem. All you have to do is set outpost as the landing point. Follow these steps to do so:

1. In the planet view, hover over the base icon.
2. Multiple landing locations may appear within a certain radius.
3. Select the outpost landing pad by hovering over it and pressing the designated button (e.g., “X” on Xbox) to set it as the landing location.
4. This may trigger the landing option, allowing you to land on the pad.

If the issue persists, try demolishing all landing pads in the vicinity and constructing a new one in a flat area where your ship can safely land.

Starfield landing pad bug

That said, these bugs and glitches are part of the evolving nature of video game development. It’s important for players to provide feedback and continue engaging with the community to share their experiences and solutions.

In the meantime, the workarounds mentioned in this article should help players make the most of their Starfield experience while we await official fixes from the developers.

Update 1 (Sep. 13, 2023)

01:01 pm (IST): Here’s another potential workaround:

1. The only fix I’ve found, is to build a Large landing pad (the one that lets you modify/upgrade your ship).
2. When you spawn at your beacon, go to your landing pad control panel (tip: build your landing pad right next to your beacon for quicker access),
3. select the option to edit your ship, select a section of the ship and change the color one notch different in the color scale (so it won’t noticeably change your color),
4. then save the edit.
When you pop out of the control panel screen, your ship will be in the pad.

Also you can try look around the area of your outpost to see if there is a landed ship that isn’t yours. If there is try stealing that and see if it fixes the issue.

Update 2 (Sep. 15, 2023)

09:25 am (IST): A Redditor noticed that the game defaults to the original landing spot if it’s too far. However, there’s a workaround to fix this.


Also, a gamer suggested that the ship has to be less than 40 meters long.

It’s not clearly stated, and hopefully they’ll make it more apparent in a patch, but your ship HAS to be less than 40m long (and that does NOT include 40m from what I can tell). The Frontier can land on the small landing pad, but my Crimson Fleet Phantom, which is 40m long, cannot. (Source)

5:44 pm (IST): Here’s another potential workaround:

To try this method, you’ll require a spare ship.
1. First, visit the ship builder on the landing pad and designate the other ship as your home ship.
2. Afterward, return to your main ship and set it as your home ship once again.
3. When you exit the menu, your ship should be on the landing pad, granting you access to the transfer container. (Source)

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