Roku users have been encountering an issue lately where the app keeps showing Spanish commercials or ads while streaming English shows.

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8), multiple Roku users have been facing this issue for the past few months.

Notably, the Spanish ads appear even when one switches to different English shows. People are astonished to learn that the problem exists, even after numerous complaints within the community.


Understandably, the issue is quite concerning for those who do not speak or understand Spanish. Some claim to have gotten so annoyed that they have already started looking for alternative options.

While others assert that they pay minimal attention to commercials, regardless of the language. An impacted user has even taken a jibe at the company and said that they should notify them if they run Chinese ads.

They say that they will get a chance to practice the language more often if they air them. People believe that the developers are paying less heed to the problem as only a minuscule fraction of the user base is affected.

Where can I establish that I have no interest in commercials forced to me in spanish. Now, I am not a bigot, my kids are 50% PR… but they and I are tired of paying for a service which is pushed in a non native tongue.

They also say that people should try communicating with the advertisers. They believe that they need to be notified that their commercials are not resonating well in certain cases.

One of those affected asserts that they get Spanish ads even when watching English content on YouTube. They claim that such ads mostly appear while streaming Bloomberg Global Financial News live.

Another adds that Spanish ads are being forcefully displayed even on the FireStick.

Why am I being forced to watch Spanish commercials. I have my language setup in English. I’m about ready to switch to firestick.

Roku’s response

A Roku member says that the company does not have direct control over all the displayed ads. And the situation remains the same in the case of third-party live channels or the official Roku channel.

They say that the choice of commercial to be displayed is mostly made by the content provider. And sometimes the ads are displayed according to the ad-server company.


Potential workarounds

Fortunately, we have come across some workarounds that might help solve your problem. Firstly, it is recommended that you logon to the Roku website and set ‘English’ as your preferred language in the account settings.

In addition, try disabling the ‘personalized ads’ option to reduce the likelihood of seeing commercials that are not relevant to your interests or preferences.

To do so, go to the Roku settings menu and select Privacy>Advertising>Limit Ad Tracking. As a last resort, change your current location to a region or city where English is the primary language.


It’s also worth noting that certain streaming services, such as Netflix, may have different advertising policies and settings than your Roku preferences.

If you’re seeing non-English advertising on a certain streaming service, then you need to change the settings within that service.

That said, we’ll keep an eye on this issue where Roku is showing Spanish commercials or ads while streaming English shows and update you whenever we come across any new information.

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Featured Image: Roku.

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