[Updated] Pocket Casts app freezing, lagging, or not loading on Android? Here's the official word (workaround inside)

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Original story (published on September 12, 2023) follows:

Several Pocket Casts users have been experiencing an issue where the app is freezing, lagging, or not loading episodes on Android.

This problem has caused considerable frustration for those who rely on it for seamless access to their favorite podcasts.


Pocket Casts app freezing, lagging, or not loading on Android

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple Pocket Casts users have been unable to listen to the podcasts for the past few days.

Even though one can see the podcasts to which they have subscribed, they are unable to access them. People claim that a black screen appears whenever they try to do so.

They also allege that the downloaded episodes fail to playback and don’t get added to the queue. In addition, some claim that the app freezes at the main library screen and fails to load their collection.


And to rub salt in the wound, one cannot even cast their favorite podcasts to their Chromecast devices. Sadly, the situation remains the same even after signing out and back in, or restarting, uninstalling, and reinstalling the app.

Another problem is that users need to rediscover and subscribe to their favorite podcasts after a reinstallation. This indicates that there is a potential glitch in the app’s algorithm.

Without a doubt, the process of resubscribing or redownloading one’s podcast collection can be quite tiring and cumbersome as well.

I had to find all of my podcasts again to subscribe. Figured I stalled the issue but I didn’t. I can see my subscribed podcasts but when I click on a specific one it shows a blank screen and even after a minute it never changes from that screen.

Some have even noticed that the app freezes while trying to pause a podcast being played in the car. They complain that it becomes totally unresponsive, forcing them to reboot their phones to stop the audio from playing.

A few also contend that the platform no longer recognizes their premium membership or acknowledges the payment made for it.

One of those impacted claims to have been experiencing playback-related issues for about a month. Consequently, they have migrated to another app.

Have they updated and fixed Pocket Casts yet? I finally uninstalled again.

Users assert that they have never experienced so many issues with the app. And some are so disgruntled that they canceled their premium subscription.

They claim that they are now using free and open-source apps like AntennaPod for Android.

Official acknowledgment

Fortunately, the Pocket Casts support team has officially responded to the matter and stated that the issue will be addressed in the upcoming update.

Notably, the latest patch has already been under review with Google for the past few days.


Potential workaround

Although the v.7.46.2 update is not yet available in the Play Store, one can download and install the v.7.47 RC-2 app from the developer’s official GitHub page.

And like any official app update, one can install and use this one over the current client as well.

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Update 1 (September 15, 2023)

12:28 pm (IST): The issue with Pocket Casts app reportedly persists even after the recent update that was supposed to fix it.

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Featured image source: Pocket Casts.

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