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The Disney-owned video on demand service, Hulu, has over 40 million subscribers. Most subscribers use Hulu on numerous devices to watch their favorite content. While Hulu is indeed a prominent name when it comes to subscription video-on-demand services, its subscribers have had or even continue to have their fair share of tough time.

There have been multiple reports of Hulu subscribers facing bugs and issues across different platforms. Also, most if not all these problems were widespread and lasted for far too long. However, Hulu support does a pretty good job of acknowledging virtually all issues and bugs which are reported by subscribers. Moreover, the service provider even tries to resolve all major and minor issues in a timely manner.


That said, through this tracker, we aim to keep an eye on all the bugs and issues which have been or are yet to trouble Hulu subscribers. We will also keep this story updated with the latest developments as and when they occur so be sure to keep a sharp eye on it.

Before we move on to the table where we have tried to list down all the bugs and issues, here are a few helpful resoources for you in case you are facing issues with Hulu:


Tracking bugs, issues, and problems

Bug/issue Status
Error code: P-DEV318 on Apple TV Acknowledged
Rewind or fast forward options not working even on ad-free accounts Fixed
Same ad or commercial playing multiple times Likely fixed
‘Sorry, this channel is temporarily unavailable’ issue Acknowledged
Shows/episodes starting at the end Acknowledged
‘This video can’t be played’ error due to missing HDCP support Acknowledged
App app rewinds programs when played after pausing for sometime Acknowledged
Crashing/freezing error on Samsung smart TVs Acknowledged
Random episodes from Survivor missing N/A
My Stuff section does not provide proper information Likely fixed
Fire TV Sticks buffering or connection issues Investigating reports
NBC channels going blank after a few seconds Likely fixed
Episodes start at the end when scrabbing Workaround
Inconsistent volume issue Workaround
Hulu doesn’t save watch history Likely fixed
Episode 9 from Season 1 of Helstrom missing Likely fixed
FOX affiliated channels temporailily unavailable Fixed
Live TV recording not working Likely fixed
Complete Naruto Shippuden English bub not available Likely fixed
Hulu app crashes on Roku devices Acknowledged
Hulu app keeps looping Acknowledged
Hulu app loading sound too loud Acknowledged
App automatically plays new episode even if 8 – 10 minutes remain Acknowledged
Cannot hide mouse pointer on MacBook Acknowledged
Nine Perfect Strangers freezes firestick Likely fixed
Fox News Channel buffering/pausing every few seconds Likely fixed
Unable to watch Browns game Likely fixed
Missing ‘completed lines’ under episodes after recent update to Apple TV app Likely fixed
Superstore Episode 10 of Season 5 not working Likely fixed
Episode 1 of Only Murders in the Building not working Likely fixed
Last episode missing from Season 3 of Bless the Harts Likely fixed
‘We’re having trouble playing this’ error Acknowledged
Unable to watch episode 5 of Nine Perfect Strangers Likely fixed
Unable to pause episodes on Fire stick Acknowledged
Hotstar Sitcom episodes not dropping at the same time as in India Feedback noted
Issues watching Adult Swim East Likely fixed
Unwatched badge displayed improperly Acknowledged, Not ETA for fix
Unable to pause content on Amazon Fire TV devices Acknowledged (temporary workaround)
DVR Recording not working Under investigation
Same trailer playing on repeat Acknowledged
Rununk13 error on iOS Acknowledged
Can’t watch Jeopardy on ABC Acknowledged
‘Keep Watching’ moved to the bottom of the screen Workaround
Archer latest episode glitching out Likely fixed
Some Hotstar content not displaying English subtitles Acknowledged
WGCL (CBS) temporarily unavailable Acknowledged
Only Murders in the Building episode 3 freezes halfway Likely fixed
Connection Disconnected error on Vizio devices Acknowledged
Issues with Browns game on Spectrum internet Likely fixed
Only one season of Bobs Burgers showing Likely fixed
No sound/audio not playing Fixed
Repeated Beyonce & Jay-Z ad for Tiffany & Co. Acknowledged
Local CBS channels showing ‘temporarily unavailable’ Acknowledged
Hulu keeps freezing or screen darkens after every ad Acknowledged
Error code P-DEV320 Acknowledged
Episode 2 of Dopesick is missing from Hulu Likely fixed
Can’t watch Wutang show Likely fixed
Nascar on NBC not available Acknowledged
Mislabeled “Back to the Future” 2 and 3 Likely fixed
Fox Pittsburgh ‘This channel is unavailable’ error Acknowledged
Unable to watch NBC Sunday Night Football Acknowledged
Hulu subtitles not working Acknowledged
Sound issue affecting NBC’s The Voice show Acknowledged
Unable to watch Dallas Starts and Golden Knights broadcasts Acknowledged
Audio and video don’t show when watching sub version on TV app Acknowledged
Broadcast freezes when Fox channels are on Acknowledged
Live sports keeps crushing app on Roku Acknowledged
Freezing when viewing World Series Acknowledged
Unable to view ESPN Acknowledged
HBO Max log-in or connectivity issues on iOS Acknowledged
WTAE-TV Pittsburgh feed cropped or zoomed in Acknowledged
Invalid request error when trying to log in Acknowledged
9-1-1 season 4 missing Fixed
Unable to watch Modern Family Acknowledged
Hulu users can’t clear their space on DVR Acknowledged
Many FOX Channels on Hulu Live Acknowledged
Shows on Roku have lower volume than ads Acknowledged
My Hero Academia dissapeared Acknowledged
Roku screen goes black after Hulu advertisement Workaround
Subtitles disappear after adverts Acknowledged
Hulu player skips to next episode prematurely Acknowledged
Buggy app on Tesla Model Y Under Investigation
Can’t skip ads on DVR’d content Acknowledged
App crashing on LG TV Acknowledged
Issues streaming Hulu on the Amazon Echo Show Acknowledged
TV shows not listing correctly Acknowledged
Commercial sound too loud while watching some TV shows Acknowledged
NY Rangers game is unavailable Acknowledged
Demon Slayer season 2 missing Workaround
Bachelorette finale delayed Acknowledged
‘My stuff’ and ‘Continue Watching’ content suddenly disappearing Unacknowledged
General Hospital latest episode not live Likely fixed
Screen stays dim after next episode of a series starts Acknowledged
Some channels on Hulu Live only have sound and no picture Acknowledged
Unable to stream CBS Acknowledged
Black screen with sound (no video, only audio) Acknowledged
Latest WWE episodes not available Acknowledged
WKYC sound not working in NBC affiliates. Acknowledged
Channel is temporarily unavailable error on KTVB channel Acknowledged
Brightness dimming automatically when moving from one episode to next Acknowledged
Error P-DEV302 or P-DEV313 en Tesla cars Acknowledged
CBS showing wrong show guide Likely fixed
Unable to watch Kansas City Steelers vs Pittsburgh Steelers game on NBC Likely fixed
Audio issue on This Is Us Investigating
Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 3 get stuck after ads Aware
Adult Swim offline Acknowledged
Grey overlay issue when an episode starts or afer ads Workaround
Janet Jackson Documentary part 4 not available Acknowledged
New episodes for Pam and Tommy unavailable Acknowledged
The King’s Man only available in Spanish Investigating
American Idol not available to stream Acknowledged
Users getting ‘Sorry this channel is temporarily unavailable’ error on NBC channel Likely resolved
The Dropout episode 1 missing Acknowledged
Smart TV app autoplay not working as intended Acknowledged
911 Lone Star episode 7 of season 3 is set to expire soon Acknowledged
Unable to watch March Madness Acknowledged
Last week’s The Simpsons is set to expire in 7 days Acknowledged
Latest episode of The Wonder Years missing Acknowledged
Xbox app requires login details every time it’s opened (accounts gets logged out) Acknowledged
Channel list in Apple TV app is not appearing in ‘Channels’ tab under Live section Investigating
Some episodes of Woke are missing Acknowledged
Subtitle option missing from episode 9 season 2 of The Hardy Boys Acknowledged
Issue with American Crime Story playing after first set of ads Acknowledged
This Is Us season 6 episode 13 missing or not available Acknowledged (workaround)
Latest episode of New Amsterdam is missing Acknowledged
Latest episode of The Resident is unavailable to watch Investigating
Hulu audio not working on iPad app after iPadOS 15.4 update Acknowledged (workaround)
Subtitles missing for Under the Banner of Heaven Investigating
Movies or shows not showing up in ‘Keep watching’ section Investigating
Good Trouble is expiring soon Acknowledged
Hulu app not working on DirecTV Stream Box Allegedly fixed
Regular shows and cartoons have Adult Swim label Likely fixed
Playback error on Samsung TV Investigating
Cloud DVR partially recording or not recording F1 races Acknowledged (workaround)
‘Blank screen’ after choosing a profile, show or channel Acknowledged
DVR recordings missing from ‘My Stuff’ Acknowledged
‘Skip intro’ button for all shows Under testing
‘The Americans’ show missing subtitles for Russian characters Acknowledged
‘We cannot locate you’ error message Acknowledged
Hulu app crashing when accessing ‘My Stuff’ on Roku Investigating
Latest episode of ‘Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’ is missing Acknowledged
Hulu switching to another movie when watching ‘Unplugging’ Acknowledged
Hulu stuttering or freezing on Android after v4.49.2 update Workaround
Saturday Night Live (SNL) not working Streaming rights expired
Countdown timer to next episode too long Unacknowledged (refer Update 114)
Hulu DVR not recording certain shows Acknowledged
Users getting ‘no longer supported on your device’ error Intended
Users having issues with autoplay for the past several days Unacknowledged (refer update 117)
Login issues for Disney+ and Hulu users sharing the same credentials Acknowledged (workaround)
Hulu error code ‘RUNUNK13’ is back on PC Acknowledged/workaround
Hulu website showing ‘Not secure’ alert Acknowledged
Sacramento Kings game not working Investigating
App crashing on Amazon Fire Stick (error code 55046) Investigating
‘We encountered an issue while switching profiles’ error Investigating
Hulu repeatedly asking to ‘replace the password’ while login Investigating
Unable to remove episodes from ‘Keep watching’ or ‘My stuff’ lists Investigating
Captions or subtitles are out of sync Acknowledged
Unable to delete DVR recordings Acknowledged
General Hospital S60 E88 not playing or throwing errors Investigating
Man Seeking Woman unavailable Acknowledged
Users bombarded with Kenzie & other music ads Unacknowledged
Hulu showing ‘Dogfood’ logo on Apple TV Acknowledged
No sound or audio on iOS Workaround
General Hospital S60 E143 missing or unavailable Investigating
‘Not available in your country’ error Acknowledged
Lengthy ‘Up next’ counter prevents watching shows to the end Workaround
Users frustrated with Vanderpump Rules Reunion not working during live stream Workaround
Hulu ‘Full Screen’ button not working on iPhone for some users Acknowledged
Hulu showing on-screen ads during shows to some users Acknowledged
‘Continue Watching’ option missing or not showing up Acknowledged
Synduality Noir episode 3 not available Acknowledged
Love Island UK Season 10 episodes 50 and 51 missing Unacknowledged
Hulu audio goes out of sync after commercial Acknowledged
Bachelorette episodes missing or not playing Acknowledged
‘Moving’ subtitles missing from episode 12 Acknowledged

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