Some YouTube users are dissatisfied with the newly introduced color-based video feed option, deeming it a feature without practical value.

The company recently started testing this feature, which allows one to curate a video feed based on specific colors. For instance, selecting ‘Red’ would result in a feed mostly comprised of videos featuring the red color.

Similarly, a user can choose from the ‘blue’ and ‘green’ colors as per their preferences or specific interests.


YouTube users unimpressed with color-based video feed

However, by looking at the reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), it appears that the new feature has garnered mixed reviews from the YouTube community.

Most users are unimpressed with the color feed and are questioning the rationale behind this arbitrary sorting method. They believe that the feature is completely pointless and does not serve any purpose.

Also, they feel that the change in the platform’s layout does not align with the site’s fundamental purpose. In addition to this, people are unhappy because of the company’s previous bad decisions as well.

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Notably, they are disappointed with the removal of the dislike button and the degradation of the search function. Users contend that even AI cannot make such bad decisions.

Some are speculating that this feature might be intended for those who have their watch history turned off and whose feed lacks fresh content.

A few claim that the feature bears a striking resemblance to emotion tracking, similar to what the iPhone attempts with its daily mood recording.

Seems interesting, but is anybody really using them !?, Sorry Mods 🙏🏻 posting it here because Auto Mod kicked me from UI change flag (Goddam I am using reddit since 3 years now)

And understandably, those impacted have taken to web forums to look for ways to disable this feature.

It literally just sorts videos by their thumbnails’ color. Why does it exist?

Some find it useful

It’s noteworthy that a subset of users (1,2,3,4) finds this feature useful. They assert that they will be able to sort videos on different channels according to their different interests.

Some also believe that the platform will display content that better suits their needs. Users contend that they would regularly use this feature if it offered a broad range of functionalities.


I feel like it just looks for colours and sounds in the video, so if you’d pick red, jt could show you some podcast clip with a good ipclose mic, or asmr or something. If it actually did more, I would use the feature all the time, cause you can just feel color sometimes, and it’s pretty cool

I think its a cool concept. This community is just endlessly bitter because YT doesn’t want to bring back dislikes.

While a few find the color-based video feed intriguing, others argue that YouTube should prioritize addressing existing issues rather than introducing new and pointless features.

That said, we will keep an eye on the situation and update this article whenever we come across anything noteworthy.

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