Spotify lyrics aligned to the left on desktop app after latest update frustrating users, issue acknowledged

Spotify desktop app users have lately been facing an issue where lyrics are aligned on the extreme left side of the screen.

As per the claims, the positioning on the left edge hardly leaves any space between the ‘Now Playing View’ sidebar and the lyrics.

Also, it makes the lyrics look more visually unappealing. Prior to this update, these were placed in the center and provided an aesthetically pleasing experience.


Spotify lyrics aligned to the left on desktop app

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), multiple Spotify users are unhappy with the recently introduced UI changes to the app.

They feel that the new lyrics positioning is useless and causes a disruption in the app’s overall look and feel. People also claim that as the lyrics are squished to one side, it has become hard to read them.

And this, without a doubt, is quite saddening for those who have auditory processing disorders and rely on them to enhance their listening experience.

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Users argue that the company keeps introducing unnecessary changes time and again, which affects their experience negatively. They even think that Spotify is utilizing AI to bring aesthetic changes to the platform.

Some have observed that the glitch only occurs on songs with long lyrics. They also claim that the whole lyrics section gets squished down even if a single line is too long.

Why are my spotify lyrics so far to the left? Is it a new update? I just thought it looked weird.

People believe that developers should have at least added an option to adjust the text’s position as per their convenience. Luckily, some are able to get rid of the problem by reducing the size of the library drawer.

However, a few are so disappointed that they are thinking of quitting the platform altogether.

Notably, the issue popped up after the recent v1.2.19.941 update for the Spotify desktop app and affects both macOS and Windows users.

Spotify lyrics aren’t aligned/indented properly on desktop, how do i fix this?

Official acknowledgment

Fortunately, a Spotify moderator has officially responded to the matter and said that the team is currently investigating the issue. They also assert that they will notify users as and when they come across any updates.

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Rest assured, we will keep monitoring the situation and update this story with new and noteworthy information.

Note: We have a dedicated Spotify bugs, issues, and new features tracker, so be sure to check it out.

Featured image source: Spotify.

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