Starfield 'Early Access' not working ('You're too early' error) on Xbox, workarounds inside

Several Xbox owners have lately been experiencing an issue where Starfield ‘Early Access’ is not working properly. In addition to this, some claim that they get a ‘You’re too early’ error as well.

Starfield’s early access phase just recently commenced for those who had pre-ordered either the Premium Edition or the Constellation Edition of the game.

However, it looks like gamers are encountering problems while trying to access the game.


Starfield ‘Early Access’ not working (‘You’re too early’ error) on Xbox

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple Starfield players have been encountering difficulties while trying to play the game.

Some allege that the game fails to load and they get a ‘You’re too early’ error upon launching. While those on steam contend that the game manages to initiate but doesn’t display an actual screen or an error message.

They have also noted that Starfield’s executable file runs as a background process and consumes system resources.


I’ve been trying, to no avail, to get Starfield to open for a little over 3 hours now. It doesn’t say it’s too early. On Steam, the application launches, but no screen ever comes up. It’s sitting as a background application and still eating resources. Ideas?

Notably, Xbox owners are experiencing such an issue even when they have purchased the premium pass and own the gamepass version of Starfield.

This is without a doubt bad news for those who had pre-ordered the game’s Premium or Constellation Edition and were excitedly waiting to play it before the official launch.

A gamer says that the game’s premium edition content got installed as an add-on on their Xbox. But sadly, some files were missing and could not be downloaded correctly even after reinstalling.

@XboxSupport I’m still getting the “you’re too early” message when launching the game on my Xbox console. I bought the premium pass and have the gamepass version of the game starfield.

Another player asserts that despite having bought the physical edition of the game, they are unable to run it. Interestingly, a few people were able to launch the game after some attempts, and that too without any hacks.

Rest of the gamers have time and again tried restarting both the game and the console and uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but to no avail.

Potential workarounds

Fortunately, we have come across some workarounds that might help solve your problem. Firstly, it is recommended that you try to manually install the in-game content from Starfield’s Xbox page.

Click / tap to view

In addition to this, you can try exploring the art and soundtrack and load the game afterwards. Also, make sure that you are signed in to the account with which you purchased the game before embarking on launching it.

If you still cannot play Starfield, then delete the existing save data from the ‘Manage game and add-ons’ settings on your console.


As a last resort, try clicking on the Microsoft Store button that pops up with the ‘You’re too early’ message.

That said, we’ll keep an eye on this topic and update you whenever we come across the latest developments.

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Featured image: Starfield Early Access.

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