Pokemon Go 'Map View' broken or empty (no streets or roads) after latest update, issue acknowledged

Following the latest update, Pokemon Go players are reporting that the game’s ‘Map View’ is now broken and empty.

Players have taken to social media to share their experiences regarding this issue. Below are some reports for reference:

Pokemon Go Map View empty

Game force updated and now my in-game map shows no streets and Routes freezes the game. Pokémon, stops and gyms are there but no streets. Downloaded all assets and deleted and reinstalled still the same problems. (Source)

I had an update yesterday and now there are no streets or buildings in the app. What happened? (Source)

Pokemon Go stands as a phenomenon in the mobile gaming industry, being a pioneer in the augmented reality genre of video games.

By blending the virtual world with reality, Pokemon Go offers players a unique experience. This explains its groundbreaking success and worldwide popularity.

However, the game is not without its flaws. According to the latest reports, some players are experiencing a peculiar issue after the recent 0.281.0 update.

In Pokemon Go, players navigate a virtual map based on a real-world satellite map.

However, reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) indicate that after the new update, the in-game map has lost all its real-life elements such as roads and fields.

Even Pokemon gyms and other features have disappeared for affected players.

Pokemon Go Map View empty

Official acknowledgment of Pokemon Go empty ‘Map View’ issue

Luckily, the broken ‘Map View’ issue in Pokemon Go has been acknowledged, with the support team stating that it is under investigation.

We’re currently looking into the issue with the Map View. Meanwhile, please Download All Assets from Advanced Settings to see if it helps. (Source)

While there’s no known ETA, we will keep an eye and let you know when Niantic resolves the issue.

Feature image source: Pokemon Go

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