[Updated] Some YouTube users say recommendations are weird or unrelated to their interests lately

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Original story (published on March 13, 2023) follows:

YouTube is one of the well-known social media and audio-video platforms used by people worldwide on a daily basis.

Thanks to the plethora of content uploaded on the platform by different content creators, one can enjoy thousands of hours of entertainment.

It also has a recommendation system that helps connect billions of users with the type of content they like.


But it appears that some are not happy with the recommendations put by the platform lately.

YouTube recommendations are weird or unrelated to interests

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple users are getting weird or unrelated music and video recommendations on YouTube.

Generally, the recommendations made are based on one’s past history and help a platform deliver a more personalized experience to its users.

The system also takes into account how similar individuals have interacted with or used a service. Those who have been affected have taken to web forums to express their frustration.


A user complains that they get video suggestions that are in no way related to their interests or any of the videos that they have previously watched.

They further say that even after clicking on the ‘Not interested’ option, recommendations from the same sources reappeared within a few hours.

Another user alleges that they get strange recommendations only on YouTube Music. On the video streaming website, everything is fine for them.


What’s up with my youtube recommendations, like they aren’t weird it’s just straight up bad

YouTube Recommendations have become weird today for me atleast. What a weird bunch of videos on the homepage.

Users are now requesting the developers to make changes to the platform’s recommendations system’s algorithm so that they can enjoy watching relatable or interesting content like they earlier could.

Unfortunately, YouTube has not responded to the matter, but we do hope that the company will listen to user requests and tweak its recommendations system.

Having said that, we’ll keep tabs on the issue with weird or unrelated YouTube recommendations and update this article as and when we come across something noteworthy.

Update 1 (July 11, 2023)

05:21 pm (IST): TeamYouTube has posted a poll on Twitter asking users about the issues they are facing. If users are still having issues with recommendations, they can vote for ‘bad recommendations’.

Update 2 (August 24, 2023)

12:00 pm (IST): Some users are still reporting issue with recommendations. However, there are some potential tips suggested by a Redditor to get better control on your feed. You can check them out below.


Update 3 (August 25, 2023)

05:34 pm (IST): Some users are still reporting (1, 2, 3, 4) that they are getting random video recommendation on their homepage. Also, some users are complaining that they are not getting option to select don’t recommend option.

Luckily, TeamYouTube has acknowledged this issue and they are looking into it.

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