PS4 (PlayStation 4) servers shutting down on November 6? Here's everything we know

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A rumor doing rounds on social media platforms that says PS4 or PlayStation 4 servers are shutting down on November 6 has raised a concern among the gaming community.

Naturally, this news has prompted some PS4 owners to feel a sense of unease. And gamers are worried about the potential loss of online gameplay on their beloved PS4 consoles.

However, before you panic, you should know that this particular information that you see online is just a baseless rumor.

Here are some reports for reference:


Hey PlayStation I heard that ps4 servers are shutting down on November 6th. Is that true I hope not 8 have been a big PlayStation fan since I was 8 (Source)

realizing that I saw that the ps4 and Xbox one servers are shutting down and now I need to buy a Xbox series x because why is it happening? (Source)

Are PS4 (PlayStation 4) servers shutting down on November 6

It’s highly unlikely that Sony would abruptly pull the plug on their servers without prior notice. After all, the gaming community is a crucial part of the PS4 experience.

In fact, in October 2022, Sony stated that they would continue developing games for the PS4. And this further dispels the fears of an imminent shutdown.

This move indicates that Sony will remain committed to catering its PS4 user base, ensuring that they can continue enjoying a rich gaming library.

Moreover, Sony has not made any official comments or announcements about the alleged server shutdown.

This silence from the gaming giant adds more weight to the possibility that the November 6 shutdown rumor might be nothing more than a speculation.

So, if you’re a PS4 user, rest assured that your online gaming experiences aren’t at risk at this moment.

Furthermore, gamers who are worried after hearing about this rumor can keep an eye on Sony’s official page to know when the servers or any service is actually shutting down.

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