PlayStation 5 users have been reporting that they are stuck every time they download games from the online store.

Reports have surfaced on the official PlayStation subreddit, where users express frustration over their inability to acquire games due to this problem.

Playstation 5 download stuck

Currently updating Overwatch and its just a basic update too and it’s at 90Hrs, I know it usually gives a weird estimate but this wasn’t a problem before. My connection speed (download) is 527.1 maps and connection speed (upload) 20.1 maps. (Source)

Today, I went to update wild hearts to play, and it was going to take 30+ days. So, I’m thinking, the f*ck? Uninstalled and went to re install, and it queued it for download. Then nothing. No pop ups, no notification. Would look away and come back to it having down loaf as an option. Tried a few troubleshoots already. (Source)

Despite having fast broadband connections, a series of reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) highlight the issue of slow downloads.

Some individuals even witnessed “time remaining” for download estimates as high as 90+ hours.

Others faced a different roadblock—downloads simply refusing to commence, stalling right from the start.

Even attempts to ‘pause’ and ‘resume’ the downloads proved fruitless.

How to fix download progress getting stuck on PlayStation 5?

As the reports pile up, user have devised their own clever methods to fight the issue.

So far they have shared that these methods DONT work:

Restarting both the download and the console
Restored licensing
Emptied cache
Rebuilt the database (Source)

But worry not. There has also been some workarounds that allegedly DOES work:

Settings>network>set up internet connection>go to the connection you’re using and use options button to go to advanced settings> change DNS settings to manual and input Primary DNS to and secondary to leave everything else same and press okay (Source)

Changing the aforementioned setting will most likely give a resolution to the issue. However, if it fails, here are some more options (1, 2).

There haven’t been any new official statements from Sony regarding the issue.

We’ll keep track of the situation and post an update if and when there are any further developments.

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