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Hulu was founded in 2007 as a company focused on entertainment and, today, it is one of the most popular streaming services.

Hulu offers a wide selection of channels and original content at an affordable price. Thanks to its low cost, many also use it as a complement to their main TV service.

The service also offers some useful features, like Cloud DVR. As its name suggests, Cloud DVR allows users to record content for later viewing.

That said, currently many Hulu users are experiencing an issue where they are unable to delete DVR recordings. So, the old recordings are filling up the available storage.

Many Hulu users cannot delete cloud DVR recordings

According to multiple reports, old Hulu cloud DVR recordings cannot be deleted from storage. So they are permanently taking up space without users being able to do anything to avoid it.


OK, @hulu_support Let’s try this again. When my DVR is completely empty on ALL profiles it says I have 49 hours available however the HUGE problem now is that it will not let me delete anything. DO NOT SEND ME A TWEET TELLING ME HOW TO DELETE STUFF I ALREADY KNOW HOW…

Some reports indicate that the recordings can be deleted, but after trying many times on each one. However, spending so much time on something that should be simple can frustrate many users.

Recorded Shows Not Deleting

It’s bad enough that it takes numerous times for the shows to get deleted from the Hulu app on Roku… now it’s happening on iOS app too. Have no idea what’s going on with them but this is super frustrating.

We’ve deleted the Roku app and installed it again. Same for iOS.

Hulu team has acknowledged the issue

The Hulu team is already aware of the issue in question and is investigating. However, there are no details yet on an estimated arrival date for a fix.

Sorry to hear about the trouble! Our team has received similar reports regarding this and we’re currently looking into it. To assist in the investigation, please reach out to us via phone or chat here: Thanks!

At the moment there is also no workaround that helps to solve the issue. The only thing users can do is to select ‘delete’ many times on each recording until they are deleted.

We will update this story once new events emerge on the matter.

Update 1 (Apr. 14, 2022)

11:39 am (IST): Hulu support on Twitter has now confirmed that they have released a fix for the issue where users are unable to delete DVR recordings.

Update 2 (Sept. 27, 2022)

11:58 am (IST): Many Hulu subscribers are again reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) that they aren’t able to delete DVR recordings from Hulu app.

Unfortunately, the support team hasn’t yet acknowledged the problem.

Update 3 (Oct. 11, 2022)

1:15 pm (IST): As it turns out, Hulu Support has finally acknowledged this issue and said that they are working on it. However, they did not share any timeframe on when it will be fixed.

Hulu Support

Update 4 (Jan. 5, 2023)

09:51 am (IST): Some users are again reporting (1, 2) that they are unable to delete their DVR recordings.

Luckily, Hulu support has acknowledged this problem and confirmed that they are looking into it.

Apologies! We suggest checking your DVR settings as this may help sort things out. We’re also looking into the behavior regarding recordings not being deleted. (Source)

Update 5 (Jan. 6, 2023)

01:18 pm (IST): While Hulu support couldn’t provide any ETA on the fix even in their most recent acknowledgment, one of those affected said they were able to delete their DVR recording after attempting for some time.

Hence, you can also try deleting your recordings multiple times and see if this trick works.

Apologies, Dave! We appreciate the information, and it seems like you’re running into behavior our team is looking into. While we don’t have an ETA on a fix, we want to assure you that we’re looking into this. Thanks for your patience! (Source)

Update 6 (May 31, 2023)

05:02 pm (IST): It seems that some Hulu users have run into a similar bug preventing them from deleting DVR recordings. Along with this issue, some are also unable to record anything (1,2,3,4).

And users who are successfully able to delete shows, they keep showing up in their DVR recordings. Fortunately, it has been acknowledged and the team is currently investigating it.

Sorry for all the trouble! You may be running into behavior our team is investigating. When you have a chance, please connect with us here: by following the prompts. We’ll grab more info and take a closer look!

Update 7 (Jun. 5, 2023)

04:41 pm (IST): Hulu users are again facing issues with the DVR feature. There are cases where the recording stops in the middle of some show, while in others they receive error codes (1, 2).

Update 8 (Aug. 21, 2023)

05:09 pm (IST): The issue has seemingly appeared for some users again (1,2,3). Fortunately, Hulu team has confirmed that they are investigating the same.

Sorry for the trouble! Sounds like you’re running into something with our DVR that we’re currently investigating. Please note our Cloud DVR is unlimited ( While we don’t have an ETA for when this will be resolved, we appreciate you bearing with us!

NOTE: You can also check the Hulu bugs/issues tracker.

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