According to player reports, EA’s Madden 24 has been lagging and even crashing for some PC players.

Players took to social media to share their grievances. The lag is allegedly making common actions in the game, like kicking and switching players, very difficult.

Madden 24 lagging PC

Have a 2070 Super GPU and 10th gen i7 CPU and the game is stuttering even on the lowest graphics settings. Is anyone else experiencing these issues? Want to be sure that it isn’t on my end. (Source)

Anybody else feel like PC performance is still really choppy/laggy? I have a “super-rig” PC that auto detects highest graphics so it’s not my system (I also get the same lag when turning graphics all the way down). Also cannot be internet, I’m using ethernet and also experience issues in offline Franchise. (Source)

The reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) suggest that the performance issue is not hardware-related, as some users have flagged the issue even after having an alleged “super” PC.

The problem is especially prominent in online matches. According to players, frame rates are dropping in online matches, despite fast Wi-Fi signals.

Although most reports derive from PC users, some console players have also complained about facing the same problem.

I don’t know how it plays on Xbox or even pc. For people who are playing on PS5 does it seem to be lagging and have stuttering? It isn’t completely ruining my experience but it is annoying af. (Source)

How to fix Madden 24 lagging on PC and consoles?

User reports have been flooding social media platforms. Many players are urging the developers to act on the matter or at least offer a fix.

One Redditor claims they they found a way to fix it, but it might not work all the time:

Lower the crowd detail and shadow settings..also cap at 120 fps should help a little but it still runs kinda bad at times. (Source)

Right now, there are no official solutions or plans for future patches from the developers.

But don’t worry, we’re keeping an eye on things and we’ll let you know if anything changes.

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