According to an official report, Motorola is ‘exploring’ an option to allow users to change the Navigation bar buttons order.

With a long history of pushing the frontiers of innovation, the company has constantly produced devices that have transformed how we connect, communicate, and experience the world around us.

Motorola also frequently introduces new features and updates to their smartphones with the aim of enhancing the user experience.


Motorola ‘exploring’ option to change Navigation bar buttons order

And by looking at the recent reports (1,2,3,4), it appears that the company is now thinking of adding an option to change the Navigation bar buttons order and ease out the navigation process.

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This is something that they have been requesting for a while, as the default order is not suitable for everyone.

The navigation bar buttons play a crucial role in the user interface and experience and generally consist of the ‘Back’, ‘Home’, and ‘Recent Apps’ functionalities.

These buttons facilitate easy navigation and multitasking. But sadly, the position of these buttons is locked by default on some devices.

How do I change the order of the 3 button navigation bar?

However, individuals may want the back button to be placed on the left, while others might prefer it to be placed on the right side.

Hello, have been using the heck out of this RAZR plus, and my only complaint so far has been that I can’t swap the nav buttons around, like back on the right and recent on the left. Very small complaint but big usability one for me.

The introduction of this feature will allow a user to arrange the buttons as per their convenience. And this, without a doubt, will help simplify the navigation process to a large extent as well.

Although it cannot be guaranteed whether this option will be implemented or not. The company has asked users to provide their valuable feedback and suggestions as well.

Potential workaround

In the meantime, those who are eager to experiment with different button arrangements can try using the Quick Shortcut Maker app to access hidden navigation settings and reposition the buttons as per their preferences.

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Rest assured, we’ll keep an eye on this topic and let you know as soon as we come across the latest developments.

Note: We have more such stories in our dedicated Motorola section, so make sure that you follow them as well.

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