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Without a doubt, YouTube has transformed the way we consume and share videos. With its accessibility, large content library, and global reach, it continues to shape the digital landscape.

However, this doesn’t mean that the platform is immune to various bugs and issues.

For instance, we recently covered the issue where YouTube thumbnails appeared zoomed-in on the ‘Subscription’ page and recommendations were weird or unrelated to users interests. Now, a new one has surfaced.


YouTube ‘related videos and topics’ not loading while playing videos

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), multiple YouTube users are experiencing an issue where ‘related videos and topics’ are not loading when playing videos.

The ‘Related Videos and Topics’ bar presents a list of videos and topics that are relevant to the one that they are watching. This makes it easy for users to discover new content that they might be interested in.

However, they say that only a few recommended videos on the right side load properly. And if one scrolls down the related topics bar, the loading circle just keeps spinning without loading any new videos.

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One of those affected asserts that they can use the platform normally in an incognito window and that the issue pops up only after signing into their YouTube account.

They are also disappointed as they can no longer discover music and random videos.

Another complains to be facing this problem when using the Chrome browser on their Chromebook and are unable to get rid of it.

Hello guys, whenever im watching a video and i scroll down, the loading rendering “ball” is infinite spinning, meaning it can’t load more videos. It only happens when i am in my acc, did it ever happened to you guys?

It’s noteworthy that the issue has been persistent for the past few days and affects subscribers across multiple platforms. And sadly, it has not been acknowledged and resolved until now.

So, when i’m listening to music i usually like to scroll down a lot and look for recommendations of the videos on the right side but for the past weeks it only shows me the initial ones that are loaded and then it won’t load anymore.

Those impacted are now requesting the developers to address this concern as soon as possible.

Potential workaround

Luckily, we have come across a workaround that can temporarily resolve the problem. It is recommended that you clear your browser’s or app’s cache data to be able to load related videos.


Having said that, we’ll keep tabs on the issue where ‘related videos and topics’ are not loading while playing YouTube videos and update this article as and when we come across something noteworthy.

Update 1 (August 3, 2023)

12:23 pm (IST): One of our readers has confirmed that YouTube support has acknowledged this issue and they are working to resolve it.


Thanks for the tip: Monk’s AL!

Update 2 (August 11, 2023)

12:28 pm (IST): YouTube has officially acknowledged the issue where it is failing to load related videos while playing. The team is currently looking into it.

we’re aware of the issue & we’re still looking into it! thanks for your patience

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