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Dark And Darker has received a lot of backlash from gamers for locking different Classes behind a paywall or grindwall.

The game has a total of eight classes, each with its own unique mechanics that can greatly impact the gameplay. By choosing the right class, one can enhance their combat performance and increase their chances of victory.

Notably, a class defines one’s approach to combat, the types of weapons and armor they can use, and their overall playstyle.


Is Dark and Darker removing ‘paywall to unlock classes’ due to community backlash?

However, numerous players (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) have been unhappy as they could not utilize all the classes.

They understand that evolving online games will eventually introduce paid features. However, they cannot comprehend the decision to implement such an approach during the game’s early access phase.

Some have even questioned how they can test and provide feedback on new classes if the developers keep locking them behind a paywall.

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In addition to this, gamers assert that even if they were able to access all the classes, they would have to delete a character each time they switched.

And this is because the total number of classes exceeds the character cap. This, without a doubt, creates an unnecessary hurdle for all those who wish to explore and enjoy the diverse classes available.

Individuals even speculate that they might have to pay an additional fee to unlock extra slots for characters in the future.

I always kind of figured we would end up in a situation where we would be paying for classes, it just makes sense for keeping an evolving online game cooking 35$ buy-in included. The problem I have with it is why right now and not full release?

Players add that the current state of the blue shard system makes the grind for unlocking the characters unbearable.

Furthermore, the news that Bard and Warlock classes also come with a price tag left many perplexed as well.

I have just heard you now have to pay to unlock Bard and Warlock. Also what the hell is all this red shard Nonsense.

However, it seems that the game’s developer, Ironmace, could potentially be considering adjustments.

The CEO’s statement

According to news that recently started making rounds, it appears that Classes will indeed become free. In addition, refunds will be issued to those who have already paid to get access.

Ironmace’s CEO has stated that an official announcement in this regard will be made soon. Although they have mentioned that the process will take some time.

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However, it is recommended that you approach this information with some skepticism and await for official confirmation.

That said, we’ll keep an eye on this topic and let you know if the Dark and Darker paywall to unlock classes does indeed get removed.

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