Numerous Fortnite players complain that one can respawn multiple times even when the limit has been set to 1. Notably, this is happening when they are using the Creative mode.

Like any other battle royale game, Fortnite also allows gamers to respawn after death and get another chance to play and win a match.

In addition to this, one can set a respawn limit to change the gameplay experience as well. Players can utilize it as per their needs to balance the game, promote strategic gameplay, or create a sense of urgency.


Fortnite Creative players respawn multiple times

However, gamers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) are disheartened as the respawn limit has not been working properly for more than a month.

As per the allegations, players keep respawning even when the limit is set to 1. And this keeps happening even after altering the configuration of ‘Team Settings and Inventory’ and ‘Class Designer’ devices.

Interestingly, some have also noted instances where they keep respawning on one of their islands but none of their friends do.

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And understandably, this is bad news for all those who are unable to play matches fairly on the islands that they have created.

A player alleges that their team members can respawn three times even when the limit has been set to one. They also claim that this happens on every map.

Another says that they can no longer stream their gameplay because of this bug.

I keep having a bug where despite the spawn limit being set to one and nothing overriding it, I keep respawning in one of my islands. But only I respawn, none of my friends do. Has anyone had this bug before?

I have my spawn limit at 1, yet players are respawning still, does anyone know how to fix this??

The issue affects gamers across multiple platforms and remains unresolved until now. And they are now requesting the developers to fix it as soon as possible.

Official acknowledgment

Fortunately, the Fortnite support team is aware of the issue with spawn limit in Creative and UEFN modes. They are currently investigating it.


Having said that, we will keep tabs on the issue where Fortnite players can respawn multiple times even with limit set to 1 and update you accordingly.

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