[Updated] YouTube TV live guide layout showing only 3 channels or lines for some, issue acknowledged

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Original story (published on August 2, 2023) follows:

YouTube TV has become a popular choice for cord-cutters seeking live TV streaming. However, recently some users have reported an issue with the live guide layout.

Instead of the usual 5 lines or channels visible in the guide, they are only seeing 3 lines. This change has raised concerns among users, impacting their viewing experience.

Numerous users have taken to social media platforms to express their frustrations about the reduced live guide layout.

Reddit, Twitter, and other forums have been flooded with complaints about the issue.


Updates to the Guide? (Source)

@YouTube @YouTubeTV why is my live guide only show 3 channels at a time?!?!? It used to show 5 channels at a time and it should show 5 at a time that way people can see more channels and what’s on in the day vs 3 cause it takes so much more time to look 1/2 (Source)

Some users have compared screenshots, showcasing the previous 5-line layout, further confirming that a change has indeed occurred (1,2,3,4,5)

The live guide layout is a crucial aspect of YouTube TV, as it helps users easily navigate through the available channels and programs.

The sudden reduction from 5 lines to 3 lines has limited the visibility of channels, making it more time-consuming for users to find and select their desired content.

This alteration has sparked confusion and dissatisfaction, as users were accustomed to the previous layout.


YouTube TV’s live guide layout issue, where users see only 3 lines instead of the usual 5, has caused inconvenience and frustration.

The problem has been acknowledged by YouTube TV support, as they have officially responded to users’ concerns on Twitter.

Users can rest assured that the matter is being addressed, and the team is actively working on a resolution.

For now, it is advisable for users to stay patient and keep an eye out for further updates from YouTube TV’s official channels.

Streaming platforms like YouTube TV often encounter technical glitches from time to time, and it is commendable that the company has acknowledged the issue and is actively working towards a fix.

While there’s no ETA for the fix, we’ll keep track of the situation and will post an update if and when there are any further developments. So stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

Update 1 (August 4, 2023)

05:36 pm (IST): Fortunately, YouTube support has confirmed that this issue is fixed now.

update: this issue is fixed, thanks to your reports!

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