Verizon Fios outage ruined 'Big Brother' 2023 premiere for several

The recent Verizon Fios outage ruined the ‘Big Brother’ 2023 premiere, which users have been eagerly awaiting.

‘Big Brother,’ is a popular reality television show where contestants live together in a confined space under constant surveillance, has amassed a massive fan base over the years.

As the show returned for its 25th season, excitement and anticipation were at an all-time high.

Verizon Fios outage ruined ‘Big Brother’ 2023 premiere for several

Therefore, fans eagerly waited to witness the drama, alliances, and unexpected twists that the show has become known for.

Unfortunately, for a significant number of Verizon Fios users, the much-anticipated premiere did not go as planned (1,2,3,4,5).

Verizon Fios outage ruined Big Brother 2023 premiere

On the day of the ‘Big Brother’ premiere, some Verizon Fios subscribers began experiencing issues with the service.

As the clock ticked closer to the show’s scheduled airtime, the situation did not improve for the affected users.

CBS channel was completely inaccessible, leaving viewers unable to watch the program.

Social media platforms erupted with angry tweets and posts from subscribers voicing their grievances about the timing and extent of the service disruption.

Not BB since @verizonfios had its first ever huge outage! Ugh!!!


As if the ‘Big Brother’ 2023 premiere outage wasn’t enough, Verizon faced further complications with its website.

Subscribers who attempted to visit the website were met with slow loading times, error messages, and in some cases, the inability to access the website altogether.

Verizon website down

While technical glitches and outages can happen to any service provider.

It is crucial for companies like Verizon to have robust contingency plans in place to address such incidents swiftly and effectively.

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