As the release of the final version of Android 14 approaches, beta 4.1 users were anxiously anticipating better improvements and bug fixes compared to the previous Android 14 beta 4.

Unfortunately, the latest update has fallen short of the expectations of several smartphone owners, who believe that the new build has brought about more bugs and issues than its predecessor.

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Android 14 beta 4.1 update has more bugs than beta 4

Fresh reports suggest that multiple users (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) are unhappy with the recently released minor update. One of the most prominent concerns among users is linked to battery life.

Several individuals have experienced a considerable increase in battery drain and device temperature after installing the latest patch.

Users argue that their phone had around 40% battery remaining by the time they returned home from work. But, after the update, the battery levels have decreased to approximately 20-25%.


I feel like my battery life was better with 4. With 4 I would go home from work with about 40% left, and with 4.1 it’s been around 20-25. Could be the heat the last few days though. The phone has also been noticeably hotter since 4.1

They have noticed significant battery drain in areas with weak signals or limited data coverage as well. Additionally, people have noted that the OS is unable to record call-related information in the call logs.

And this, without a doubt, makes it difficult for one to keep track of important or work-related calls. Surprisingly, they are experiencing this problem even though it was marked as fixed by Google.

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It looked like they had fixed the call logs in 4.1 but for me the logs again started dropping after working fine for like a week(

Users also complain that their phones no longer display the Ultra Capacity (UC) Network symbol. This makes it difficult to ascertain whether they are connected to mid-band or millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G.

Some even assert that the UC symbol briefly appears for about 5 seconds before disappearing again. However, speeds and connectivity remain unaffected.

I’m in areas that I know FOR SURE have UC but the symbol doesn’t show up. But I still get the UC speeds and connectivity. Anyone else notice this?

And to make matters worse, a few are repeatedly getting stuck in the recovery mode menu upon restarting their smartphones.

This also happens when one tries to turn on the phone using the power button and has to repeatedly switch it off and on to boot normally.


In addition to this, individuals have complained about the inconsistent behavior of notifications as well. They allege that notifications from some apps appear occasionally, while others fail to notify at all.

In rare circumstances, alerts vibrate, but there’s no corresponding icon in the notification bar. And sadly, they cannot resolve this issue by rebooting their device.

Notifications aren’t working consistently. Some apps work then don’t. Others don’t notify at all. Some vibrate but no icon in the notification bar. How is something so critical so fucked this late in the beta cycle?

Users also claim that the Pixel launcher crashes frequently and scrolling has become sluggish after the recent patch. They say that the display fails to respond correctly, when attempting to scroll up.

Potential workaround (Recovery mode)

Luckily, you can use the Android flash tool and do a clean install for a potential fix.

As of now, Google has not officially responded to the matter. But we do hope that the developers will address these concerns soon.

Rest assured, we’ll keep an eye on the issue where Android 14 beta 4.1 allegedly has more bugs than beta 4.

We will update this story as and when we come across any noteworthy information.

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