Fitbit users are facing a significant change as the company transitions from its independent account system to leveraging Google accounts.

This migration has introduced several benefits for users but has also brought about unexpected challenges.

While the initial transition appears smooth, many users have reported an issue regarding their Fitbit friends’ data as the step count is missing or unavailable.

Online platforms like Reddit and Twitter are brimming with user reports (1,2,3,4), reflecting the community’s collective frustration and determination to find a resolution.

Will initiating a switch to a Google account erase my steps/activity for the day? I’m also worried about losing years worth of data. I just bought a family member a FitBit and was saddened to find out that I wouldn’t be able to see their steps due to them having a Google account. (Source)

Moved my Fitbit onto my Google account (easier to sign in, whatever) and now I can’t see my friends’ steps if they haven’t also moved their Fitbit to their Google account, so I guess I’m just gunna be top of the steps leaderboard forever now (Source)

Here’s a screenshot of the message users are seeing when trying to view data in the Fitbit friends’ section.


As highlighted in the screenshot, Fitbit users get the ‘step count unavailable’ error when trying to view their friends’ step count.

As the company and users work together to navigate this transitional phase, the need for seamless data synchronization between Fitbit and Google accounts is evident.

Meanwhile, Twitter feeds are abuzz with hashtags, such as #FitbitFriends and #MissingStepsData, as users band together to voice their concerns.
Many more reports.

Official word

Luckily, Fitbit support has clarified the situation, confirming that friends’ step data will remain unavailable until they complete the migration to Google accounts.


While Fitbit’s integration with Google accounts represents a promising future, the issue of missing steps data from friends has arisen as an unintended obstacle.

The community’s determination to find a solution demonstrates the value of camaraderie and competition in the fitness journey, and it underscores the significance of a prompt resolution from Google.

As users eagerly await complete migration, the call for an interim solution remains strong, ensuring that the supportive Fitbit friendships thrive during this period of change.

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