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Google Chrome is a robust and versatile web browser used by millions of people worldwide.

Google recently released the v115.0.5790.138 update for the Android app, which introduces stability and performance improvements and patches some security vulnerabilities.

However, despite the patch, some are experiencing difficulties using the browser on their smartphones.

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Google Chrome tabs switched from list to grid view on Android

In a recent update, Google Chrome tabs on Android have undergone a significant change, shifting from the standard list view to a grid view.

However, this modification has received mixed reactions from users (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8), with several expressing their disappointment.

Although the Grid view is visually appealing, those who are accustomed to the traditional view assert that it was easier to navigate and manage multiple tabs simultaneously before the recent change.

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Sadly, users are experiencing difficulties reverting to the old view as the flags that allowed them to customize their browsing experience are no longer available.

Due to this, they are now left with no choice but to adapt to the grid view. Some also claim that their Chrome tab automatically changed from the list view to the grid view after an app restart.

However, even after tinkering with multiple settings, they are unable to get back to the old layout.

My Chrome tab view has justed automatically changed to thumbnails after a restart. Has anyone managed to find a way of switching back to the URL list as it previously was? I’ve looked at various previous responses to this problem but none seem to work.

Recently my tabs have changed to grid view and I wish to change it back to list. I have tried using chrome://flags but when I search for tab grid nothing shows up, anyone have a why to fix it?

Those affected have also attempted to resolve the issue by disabling the Simplified view and tinkering with the ‘Enabled Low-end & Accessibility List-only Support flag under ‘Tab Groups Continuation’, but all in vain.

In addition to this, some iOS users have complained that tabs are now sorted automatically according to the most recently visited websites, and they can no longer manually rearrange them.

Official response

Fortunately, the issue has been escalated to the concerned team. So you can likely expect a fix soon.


Having said that, we’ll keep tabs on this topic and update you as and when we come across the latest developments.

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