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The Hub mode is intended to provide users with a seamless transition from a tablet experience to a more immersive and interactive hub-like interface.

This feature allows users to access various functions, including like a digital photo frame, smart home controls, Chromecast built-in, and hands-free help from Google Assistant.

Google Pixel Tablet ‘Hub mode’ not working

However, some Google Pixel Tablet users have reported a frustrating issue with the ‘Hub mode’ feature as it is not working or activating (1,2).

Google Pixel Tablet Hub mode not working

The docking process is designed to trigger the transition to ‘Hub Mode’ on the Google Pixel Tablet. When properly docked, the tablet typically performs a starburst animation, indicating that it has recognized the connection.

This visual cue reassures users that the tablet has acknowledged the docking and should subsequently enter ‘Hub Mode’ for an integrated experience.

But affected users say that despite initially displaying the ‘Hub Mode’ screen after being docked, the Google Pixel Tablet unexpectedly switches to Android tablet mode after a few minutes.

This means users are unable to access any of the hub mode features.

Having this same problem. The hub mode started randomly not working tonight. The settings app shows it sees the hub though. And weird enough the hub mode turns on when I remove it from the dock. Go figure..

For some reason my tablet will not go into “Dock” mode. I made sure the setting is on and everything is updated.

While some users have speculated that the problem could be software-related, others have expressed concerns about the hardware aspect, particularly the docking mechanism.

It is possible that a faulty or inconsistent connection between the tablet and the dock could be preventing the device from entering the Hub mode properly.

However, without official confirmation from Google, it remains speculative.

Issue escalated

A Gold Product Expert has escalated this issue for further investigation. However, there is no ETA for the fix.

Google support

Google remains committed to enhancing user experiences, and upcoming software update is expected to resolve such issues.

That said, we’ll be keeping an eye on this one for any official word from Google and update the article, so stay tuned.

Update 1 (July 26, 2023)

01:08 pm (IST): A team on behalf of Google has reached out to us and shared a workaround for the issue where Pixel Tablet is not connecting to Google Home setup. You can check it out below.

Sharing the fix from our team on Pixel Tablet not connecting to Google Home Setup:

If you only have one Google account on your primary user profile:

Follow the steps below to factory reset your Pixel Tablet. Unfortunately when you factory reset your tablet, all of your data will be deleted from the tablet’s internal storage. To save you time setting up, we recommend backing up your Google Account data before you reset.

– Open your device’s Settings app

– Tap System > Reset options > Erase all data (factory reset).

– Tap Erase all data and then follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have more than one Google account added to your primary user profile:
You’ll need to remove the Google account you’re attempting to use for this feature from Account Manager, and then re-add it:

– Open your device’s Settings app.

– Tap Passwords & accounts.

– Under “Accounts,” tap the account you want to remove > Remove account.

– To confirm, tap Remove account > Remove account.

– Follow these steps to re-add your account.

By removing your account from Account Manager, you’ll lose the settings/info associated with that account on your device, but you’ll be able to re-adjust those settings once you add the account again.

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