You got to love Artificial Intelligence. I mean, who would have thought it could only take the Remini AI filter to trigger baby fever in a population that has often distanced itself from parenthood?

Recent data suggests that most millennials and Gen Z are not interested in having babies. Some women point to working challenges. But generally, most people say financial hardships is the major reason against parenthood.

Even more data shows that the U.S. birth rate has been on a downward spiral since 2008. And the soaring inflation isn’t making it any easier for aspiring young parents.


I spend more on bills, food, gas and housing compared to just 6 months ago. So it’s okay if Gen Z and millennials don’t want to bring an innocent child into a world they are barely surviving.

However, it seems an interesting TikTok trend is reshaping this notion, at least on paper. Ever since the Remini AI baby filter trend picked up pace on TikTok, there seems to be a change of heart.

Remini AI filter causing baby fever among Gen Z and millennials

Some people have “mad baby fever” after trying the Remini baby AI filter. What’s shocking is that the AI photo app is triggering baby fever among a population renowned for their distaste for having babies.

TikTok users are obsessed with this viral AI baby filter. It gives you an early look into a future with babies and how they could appear based on your looks and those of your partner.

This AI baby filter is giving your boy some mad baby fever 😅😮‍💨

The AI baby filter just gave me baby fever 🥺😍

That AI baby filter really gave me hella baby fever. Like WHAT? that could of been our son, SMHHHH

The Remini app isn’t the first time people are getting treated to a “future baby” trend on TikTok. There was the CapCut filter earlier this year.

Both filters let you imagine the looks of your future baby by not only combining features of couples. But you can also use photos of a celebrity or friend to generate your future baby.

And by the look of it, the filter is causing baby fever owing to how cute the photos appear.

Could AI cause a major shift in how Gen Z and millennials perceive parenthood? Sure, why not? After all, AI has become a huge disruptor in recent times, so this isn’t surprising.

Beware of AI tricks

But it’s worth noting that these are just some AI tricks. The images don’t necessarily represent the exact appearance of your future baby in case you plan to have one.

Granted, you shouldn’t get into parenthood on the assumption that your babies will be as cute as what you see after using the Remini AI baby filter. It’s good to be a little skeptical.


Everyone using the baby AI filter on tik tok and getting cute babies talking about they got baby fever now, but I can’t help but think that half them peoples babies will not be nearly as cute as that filter is making them. Smh getting their hopes up. Lol let me stop.

Sure, having babies is a basic requirement to keep the human species alive. But you don’t have to do it just because some AI baby filter generated cute photos of your future babies.

As noted, the skyrocketing inflation has largely contributed to high cost of living. And given the high cost of raising children, you may want to reconsider having babies primarily because of an AI baby filter trend.

No doubt that parenthood is a personal choice, so feel free to have babies whenever you’re ready. Still, you’re welcome to chime in with your views on the topic in the comments and poll below.

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