One crucial aspect of maintaining a safe and friendly community on Discord is the Trust and Safety team, responsible for ensuring that the platform remains free from harassment, abuse, and other violations of community guidelines.

Until recently, Discord users had a dedicated option on the support page to report users or servers directly to the Trust and Safety team.

This option provided a streamlined process for users to submit reports on serious issues that need urgent attention.

Discord ‘Trust and Safety’ option removed from support page

However, sometime in July 2023, Discord made a significant change by removing the ‘Trust and Safety’ option from the support page entirely.

Consequently, this removal has caused confusion and frustration among members of the Discord community who now find themselves searching for alternative methods to submit reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

Discord Trust and Safety option removed

Some users expressed their concerns on Reddit and Twitter. They complained that in-app reporting was often ineffective, buggy, or limited in scope.

They also questioned how they could report serious issues such as child abuse, grooming, hacking, or threats that required urgent attention from Discord.

Other users also reported that they tried to contact Discord Trust and Safety via email, but received no response or only an automated reply.

This lack of communication led to the perception that Discord was either ignoring their reports or not taking them seriously enough.

You would think that Discord would revamp their Trust and Safety system after classified documents on their platform, yet they removed it from the support options.

To be fair whenever I tried to report someone they’d just reply with ” yeah lol just block them, I’m closing the ticket ” even when the person was a literal groomer and a catfish.. The guy’s still up and running in case you’re wondering, but reporting in discord isn’t! 😀

Intentional change

Discord support has confirmed that they removed the ‘Trust and Safety’ option intentionaly:

Discord support

Here’s how to submit reports now

So, what steps can users take now to report Trust and Safety related complaints?

Discord has officially addressed this concern and outlined alternative ways for users to submit their reports.

1. In-App Reporting: Although the in-app reporting system may not be perfect, it remains the primary method for reporting issues within Discord.

2. Another method involves selecting the ‘Report Message’ option on the support page:

Please report this to Trust and Safety by:
1. Selecting the Message you wish to report. On mobile, hold down on the Message, and on desktop, “right-click.”
2. Selecting “Report Message”
3. Selecting the type of abuse you’re seeing.

Despite these alternatives, Discord users continue to voice their concerns about the removal of the ‘Trust and Safety’ option from the support page.

They argue that such a critical function should have been preserved and improved upon rather than being eliminated entirely.

Some hope that the platform will reevaluate this decision in response to user feedback and reinstate the dedicated reporting option for Trust and Safety matters.

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