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In recent months, ByteDance, the parent company of the wildly popular social media platform TikTok, has been making strides to establish its presence in the music streaming industry.

After filing a US patent to trademark TikTok Music last year, the company has gradually launched its music app in several countries.

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The app offers a vast library of songs and promises a unique experience for music enthusiasts. And after months of anticipation, the company initiated the app’s testing phase in Brazil and Indonesia.

Building on the success of the initial launch, TikTok Music has now expanded its presence to three more countries including Australia, Mexico, and Singapore.

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TikTok Music price per month in various nations

As TikTok Music continues to roll out globally, the company appears to be adopting a market-adaptive pricing strategy.

In Brazil and Indonesia, the first wave ($3.37/month) saw prices significantly lower than the second wave (up to $8/month) countries. It indicates an attempt to penetrate new markets with attractive rates.

Users in the newly added regions can participate in a closed beta test, and download the TikTok Music app from the App Store or Google Play. Subscription costs vary by country, with pricing details released for Australia ($11.99), Mexico (115 pesos), and Singapore ($9.90)

The average price of $5.5 per month for both waves hints at a possible ‘sweet spot’ in pricing. It further suggests that the company may continue experimenting with different pricing models based on local market conditions.

Let’s look at the pricing scheme in the recently added nations below:

  • Brazil (iOS and Android): R$16.9 (approx $3.49 USD)
  • Indonesia iOS: Rp 49,000 (approx $3.25 USD)
  • Indonesia Android: Rp 44,900 for the first 12 months, then Rp 49,000 (approx $2.96 or $3.25 USD later)
  • Australia: AUD 11.99 ($8.16 USD)
  • Mexico: Mex$115 ($6.86 USD)
  • Singapore: S$9.90 ($7.48 USD)

The variations in pricing are evident, with Australia having the highest monthly rate at $8.16. While in Indonesia, it’s the lowest offering so far.

How to get the app and its release date in the US and other countries

According to TechCrunch, TikTok hasn’t specified when the streaming service will be made available in the United States. However, the company promises to share more information soon.

TikTok hasn’t shared any details about when it plans to launch the streaming service in the United States, but says it will have more to share about the streaming service soon.

And as far as the music app is concerned, interested users can access TikTok Music directly from the Play Store or App Store if they reside in any of the supported regions.


So, TikTok Music’s global rollout could mark an ambitious endeavor by ByteDance to expand its influence into the music streaming industry.

For those eager to explore the service in their countries, local pricing details will be updated accordingly.

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