In the world of online shopping, preordering a highly anticipated product can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

Starfield fans recently found themselves embroiled in a rather peculiar situation with Walmart preorders, leaving some of them scratching their heads and experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions.

Starfield and Pikmin 4 pre-orders getting canceled on Walmart

The story began when users who had eagerly preordered the much-awaited game ‘Starfield’ from Walmart started receiving emails notifying them of a price change in the product.

To their surprise and delight, the new price mentioned in the email was a jaw-dropping zero dollars, effectively making the game free (1,2,3,4,5).

Starfield preorders getting canceled
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Naturally, this unexpected revelation caused excitement to spread among the community.

Unfortunately, the happiness soon turned to despair as the same users were hit with yet another email, this time conveying the regrettable news that their preorders had been canceled.

Those affected did receive full refunds for their canceled preorders, but the anticipation and joy they had experienced were quickly replaced with disappointment and confusion.

Got an email, text, then a phone call from Walmart an hour ago. They told me my preorder was canceled on accident following a customer support call I had a few hours prior. This one was made by me when I got an email and text saying the price had changed, checking it showed it went down to $0 due to walmart preorder competitive pricing. Worried it was canceled somehow, I called customer support. They assured me the order was still going to arrive and my card would be charged upon receiving item.

Dear @Walmart, why is my Starfield CE preorder being refunded? Sincerely, A concerned customer.

To make matters worse, it wasn’t just Starfield preorders that were affected by this issue.

Reports emerged of similar incidents occurring with another highly anticipated game — Pikman 4 (1,2,3,4,5) — as well as a variety of other items available on the Walmart website (1,2,3).

Pikman 4 preorder canceled

Got to love @Walmart Collector Con where they give back to collectors by cancelling preorders that have been made months ago! Just more reason to never preorder from Walmart.

Hi! Do you know how Walmart preorder works? I just preordered the UE RA Brock Lesnar and when I did the preorder PayPal instantley refund the money. It’s everything correct? I don’t know if I have to pay once the send the figure

What had initially seemed like an unfortunate mishap quickly morphed into a troubling pattern, leaving customers feeling not only frustrated but also increasingly skeptical about Walmart’s entire preorder process.

The excitement of being among the first to own the latest titles or coveted items only heightened the anticipation.

However, the abrupt email notifications informing them of the zero-dollar pricing followed by the subsequent cancellation messages shattered their hopes and dreams.

Support’s response

In response to the mounting complaints and inquiries, Walmart’s customer support acknowledged the issue and confirmed that it is indeed a technical glitch causing the zero-dollar pricing.

They also mentioned that the order hasn’t been canceled and that it will be delivered.

Walmart support
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For those who had initially secured their preorders at a special price or with exclusive bonuses, this is a nightmare situation.

Of course, affected users should consider placing their preorders at alternative retailers like Best Buy where there seemed to be no reports of similar issues.

We hope Walmart will come up with a solution to the problem with Starfield and other pre-orders getting canceled soon.

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